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The new way of being in service

& making the money you desire

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Are you...

...looking more flow and ease into your business when it comes to marketing & sales?

...keen to do business 'your way': being yourself and making it work?

...ready to make more money?


How would it feel if you could:

  • Embrace who you are & stand proudly for what you offer to the market
  • Know how to talk about yourself, your work and market & sell your work in a natural & easy way
  • Look & feel like a professional in your communications with your audience and clients
  • Knowing what action you must take to produce the results you're after
  • Have fun with your business!
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I've been where you are now

I come from a very corporate background. Meaning 10+ years in London City within management consulting. Funny that, a lot of my work included helping big fashion and luxury companies make more money

When I started my own business in 2018, it all started with passion & fun but then I started stumbling on this very same block over and over again...

Money. do you make money? How does this 'money thing' work? What is my stuff worth - if anything?! Who's gonna buy this?!?


And let me tell you - when all of my attention was placed on money (or tbh, the lack of it), my energy was in the wrong place.


It took me a looooooong time (and I'm still working on this, just to be transparent) to really grasp what was going on and, interestingly, how it all started opening up is when I started working on myself, my vibration and my subconscious mind in a more intentional, consistent way - and took my eyes off the money.

Things started to shift. Because I was shifting.


There's a lot more to it but let me share something that will help you get going...


Personally, something that massively helped me see things from a different point of view at that point in time was this notion of service and allowing myself to make business more fun for me (because I desire my business to be fun!).

(Btw it's not by accident this course is called the Serve Experience).


When I did this, a few things come to the forefront... I love helping other people. My clients are literally the best. I love the freedom in creating my own days and having fun at work. And yeah, I enjoy giving value. Heck I love giving value: I make a free weekly podcast since March 2019!


So, when I activated this 'service element' in my being, my mind, my thoughts, and started to align my actions with it, doing business felt a lot better.


And - when I worked from this angle of fun, the money (the money, remember?!) was the reward, the energetic exchange, of me offering my help. All this just felt so much better for me.




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The money you'd like to make...

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...doing business in a way that feels good to you...

Placeholder Image being the way you are now (there's nothing to fix!)

You know, so often we're just trying to be something we're not, doing things in a way that feels awkward, just because we've heard someone say somewhere 'this works' kind of thing.

In reality, every time I've committed to my inner work, together with learning some marketing & sales tactics, my business has improved. Because I have been improving. I've been open to explore, willing to look at things from another angle, willing to give up my idea how it should work and try another thing instead.

So, it's not that it was any one thing that changed. No, it was multiple things coming together - but the common denominator was me taking responsibility over my results. 

Because the truth is...


In the end, it's only YOU who can make the difference. It's YOU who needs to take the responsibility over yourself, how YOU feel, think and act, and ultimately show up to your business each and every day. It's your choice, every time.


No one can help you do that work. That work is up to you.


But (good news!) there's something I can help you with. 

I can show you the process I have done myself to get to where I am now.


A place where my business is making solid revenue and I've reached my first milestones re financial figures. I have found my way of running my business. I know how I want to develop my business & offerings over time. I have faith that I can do this. I wake up more often than not excited about the work ahead and am inspired to take the action, even when it's outside my comfort zone.

I've now put my unique process here on display for you and I've included all the elements that have made a significant difference on my journey: the mindset, the inner exploration, the confidence to come out of my comfort zone, the skills to show up & be seen, plus some tactics... 


You can feel like this, too

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Knowing yourself better & how you can get that best version out of you most days to do great business

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Feeling confident marketing & selling your work because you know it's good

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Knowing that you're building a profitable business, day in, day you - a business that serves you

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You deserve this business success & I'm here to help you make it come together, in your unique way


The Serve Experience

The new way of being in service and making the money you desire

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An 8-week live group coaching container where you’ll harness your energy, work on your mindset and practise the skills to create a business that looks like you & brings in money



Elevating into success

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"Anna is the real deal! She has an incredible amount of knowledge and insight of the business world, from making important business decisions, to dealing with difficult clients, to developing strategies to create new business. She gets right into the small details and helps us on a practical, hands on level which we find extremely helpful! Not only is she incredibly smart and switched on, she’s also a wonderful, kind person and friend! After every meeting with Anna, we feel motivated, confident, and excited for the future of our business. We always recommend her to all our professional friends. We will continue to work with Anna, she has been invaluable to both our professional and personal growth! Thank you Anna for your help and all the energy you bring!"


Vanessa & Owen / Founders & Creatives at SooYeah Studio

Ready to step into your experience?



8 weeks, 4 powerful downloads

The modules will be drip fed evenly throughout the course to avoid overwhelm!


You are the foundation!

Know what you that we can identify the action you need & the work that must happen.

Here's what we'll focus on:

  • Articulate your sales target and identify how you'd ideally market & sell your work. For inspiration, I'll share how I create my sales plan...and the detach from the outcome!
  • Where we focus, our energy flows. Learn where to place your precious energy and focus on creating more opportunities for yourself. 
  • Harness your state and learn the basics of emotional self-regulation so that you know what sort of energy serves all things marketing & sales
  • Identify the key blocks between you and your goals so you can start overcoming these, starting now


Apply consistent action!

You need to show up and do your part - every day. I'll show you how to do it, even when you're not feeling it.

Here's what we'll focus on:

  • The Secret: consistency! Get clear on what things you need consistency on to sell more.
  • Start working with your major blocks on the regular - neuroplasticity & brain re-wiring 101
  • Make your mindset shift - my story on service mindset & producing long-term customer value so that I can create a wildly profitable business
  • Articulate your skills and identify how you can magnify them in your marketing & sales activities
  • Know how to start building your expert status and the 'Know, Like, and Trust' factors in your marketplace


Show up with confidence!

Become a master communicator - building actual human to human connection!

Here's what we'll focus on:

  • Learn to overcome your biology - never succumb to fear or freak out again! If you wish to sell more, you need to keep your cool.
  • Practise the key hacks to deliver an impactful video, a pitch, or a presentation, through my 'pause & breath' technique (this is how I sell 90% of my work)
  • Become a natural building rapport, leading & pacing - the must-have skills to influence or sell anything!
  • Start to practise how to keep your vibes high, no matter what goes on in your environment (aka overcome the shittiest of days)


The dream toolbox for marketing & sales

Short & sharp videos on the hottest topics on all things marketing & sales - everything I use in my own business.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to give, give, and give value to your audience while building a long-term profitable business (and why this is important)
  • The kitchen psychology behind how people buy
  • Pricing strategies 101. No more discounting, ever.
  • How to encourage conversion
  • The basics of practical, daily sales communications. Stop feeling salesy, solve problems instead.
  • Easily avoid the 3 most common sales mistakes
  • Harnessing social media by reusing, recycling & repurposing
  • How to never get upset about hearing no again


Invitation to my personal toolbox

(These tools will be available to you during the first week of the course)

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My Top 10 tips on how you can create sales asap. I know how important it is to keep money flowing so you can focus on doing your best work. These tips are easy to implement no matter where you are with your business - and they give quick results.

Value = £67

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(My top secret tools...shhh...) In this pack you'll learn how to overcome fear; how to show up as the best version of you; and how to get into a 'sales mood' to help your client overcome obstacles. These are the very methods I use when needed - and they work every time. 

Value = £127

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This training will give you my behind the scenes on how you can engage with your audience in LinkedIn for more sales. More visibility, more leads, better conversion = more sales. 3 super charged videos, over 60 minutes of content.

Value = £147

Ready to experience it yourself?



Driving their businesses

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"Anna is a real professional and fun to work with. She provides practical guidance and feasible ideas that best suit your business. Whatever phase you are in your business journey, Anna has something to help you with making the right choice or decision. She has a kind but firm ability to question the actions that you are planning to make next. As a coach, Anna always finds a way to challenge you and ask good questions not forgetting an ability to encourage you and energize you on the way!" 

Tuuli-Anna / Founder & CEO of SDG Monitor

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"We've been working with Anna on our business, and she's awesome to work with! She always knows which questions to ask to make one think different, bigger and outside the box. She finds the pain points and pushes you to find solutions to get to the next level. We highly recommend working with her on business, marketing and concept development!"
Jose / Founder & CEO of Wildcheer (products for cheerleading)


This awaits you inside the experience

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8x weekly 75 minute coaching calls in Zoom. We'll keep the group small (4-5 women) so that I can ensure you get the support you need. We'll talk both big things and also get super practical - anything you need to keep moving.
(valued at £1,280)
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4 powerful modules in your online library. You can access your materials 24/7 and there's videos, workbooks and amazing tools to make your experience easy, seamless and guided. I'm making sure you really grasp the concepts and can make the right choices for your business!
(valued at £497)
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Our own private FB group for wins, questions and getting to know everyone. This is always a lot of fun since I seem to attract magical people around me! This group is amazing to keep the momentum, giving you motivation to keep trying things outside your comfort zone. 
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In-depth onboarding questionnaire about you and your business so I can learn all the necessary bits about your business & you and so we can hit the ground running!
(valued at £27)
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3 bonuses (as described above) to ensure you have that extra support for attracting money, working & managing your energy and leveraging social media. This is the very stuff I use myself!
(valued approx. £500)
When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of £2300+,

but you can sign up today for a special one-time investment of £1097

Pay in full


One payment

I'm soooo ready!

Pay monthly


Three payments

Yes this is me!
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Hey I'm Anna,

and I was called to create this course after taking about 2 years to learn how to lead a global online-based service business myself. 

Ok, I'm as type-A as it gets: I've taken the courses, read the books...I even had  3 (!) coaches all over my business at one point.

I guess we all need to journey our paths but one doesn't always need to choose the 'struggle path', right?! Looking back I made it a bit too hard for myself...I know, it's always easier to say in hindsight!

But you know what's hands down the biggest thing I have learned? That we downplay inner work BUT increased self-awareness in my opinion is directly reflected in your business' results.

What I mean by this is that after we know our energy, our strengths and start taking radical responsibility over our mindset and actions...only then can results change. For me, this work has been critical to allow success come to me. Yes, success comes to me.

Ok, so I do believe we need (perhaps all?) the marketing & sales tactics. But if we overlay them without a solid foundation - without understanding of self - it's going to be a whole lotta grinding. 

There' an easier way. I like to think about that as a 'natural' way - something that comes easily to us. I want to say us women often want to 'fix things' about ourselves but this isn't about fixing at all: this is more about embracing fully who you are and magnifying that...because I genuinely believe this is how success is created, the easy way. I'd like you to be even more you!

Adding the necessary & continuous mindset work (if you follow me you know I fully believe in neuroplasticity) makes sure you're actually giving yourself a fair chance to enjoy success. 

This course is therefore a unique blend of finding your natural energy, working on your mindset and then - only then - overlaying tactics. This is how I operate my own business and yeah, it works!

If you're ready to take responsibility over yourself, and to start working in alignment with who you really are, this course is for you. If you're in the business for the long game and want to make more money, this course is so for you

(Oh and trust me, you'll learn all the tools & tactics on the side. I'm well versed in both front- and back-end of an online service-based business with my 10+ years of experience. I will gladly support you if I see your business is 'missing' something or if you need support with making decisions.) 


This is what you'll receive

I've crafted this course to provide the energetic space and support for you to step into the next level (in reality, this is who you are already). 

Whatever that next level will look like to you (2k more a month, 5 new clients, a 100k year...), it is possible for you. Based on my experience coaching 150+ women in the past two years I can say it is the commitment that will make all the difference. When you decide, things will start changing.

I want to be clear that this course is not about implementing just a bunch of marketing tactics. For that save your money and read a book! While I'm a nerd and interested in all things marketing & sales, and business (and you'll be receiving plenty of this stuff), it's you, the woman leading the business, that will make this all come alive.

So, yeah, the biggest work happens within yourself. It is my mission to hold that space for you - that you have space to grow! I have a unique teaching style; when I'm with you I'm fully present (many say this, sure, but mine's different: I have a gift reading into your energy and often see on the spot what is needed to move forward), and I'm as vested into your business & your success as you are. I don't take my client work lightly!

When you get on this experience, you will feel more clarity, more in control and more calm as you start gaining that knowingness you can do this. During these 8 weeks you will condition these new thought patterns, emotions and thoughts consistently, supported by me, and they will start becoming your new habits. You'll leave the course elevated, having the feeling you're on the right path, doing things the way that feels good and have started to create results you're desiring. 

If this speaks to you and you'd like to work with my energy, you're the perfect match for the Serve Experience! 





How all this looks like in my business

(aka my alignment with my business sales & marketing)

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Long-term energetic alignment with marketing

My podcast Good Vibes Only. I love doing it and it comes to me with such ease. Takes little effort for me to do and goes a long way. Many clients convert through this, and when they message me (at this point I don't even know them), they're committed to start working with me right away.

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Being committed to my business model and figuring out how my products can serve that

I want to give my clients a variety of ways to experience my brand & get their problems solved: at the low-end I have a membership product at £37/month which is recurring monthly revenue. In between I have shorter programs (like this) and then high-end 1:1 private coaching. I like working in this way as it gives me both continuity (money coming in) and the ability to balance the amount of work I take on each month (I can decide how many private clients I wish to work with). All this supports my for long-term business success as I recognise my energy is not 100% 365 days a year but I also need to rest & renew.

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Finding my way to work, honouring my energy and benefitting from automation & systems

Usually I don't take clients on Monday as I wish to spend that day working on my business and making sure I'm ready for the week ahead. I also don't start before 9am (boundaries) as I need my morning routine (you know I love this!). I have an assistant helping me and I have automatised everything I possibly can so that even when I'm not working...Wander Woman still is. I also have big plans to improve this a lot over the coming exciting!

I'm ready to initiate my experience

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This is for you if...

  • You have been in the business for at least a while - aka you have something to sell!
  • You'd like to do business your way - and make more money
  • You're keen to build your business organically (this is what I do myself to maintain value)
  • You're willing to step outside your comfort zone and try new things in the name of business success!
  • You are a true professional and want to be the expert in your field


Choose your experience



One payment

This is me!



3 payments

I'll take this!


Good, because there's something I need to tell you.

This course is a very personal experience for me to support you & your business. I trust women who see me & my energy and see the value in how I do my work, resonate with my message here. If this is you, I'd love to be serving you on the course!