Wander Woman Unstoppable Confidence Course

Are you going to blend in...or are you going to be you?

Yes, now is my time!

I know that you...

I know that today, you are good at what you do and established at your work. You’re ticking all the boxes so to speak, you know your stuff and can do it well. You’re accomplished and feel good about what you do.  You have confidence already, there’s no doubt about that.

At the same time, what would you say if I asked you… 

Are you showing up as the best, confident version of yourself at work or do you feel like something is holding you back? Are you lacking courage to step forward and be seen?

Are you suffering from sabotaging self-talk and know this negatively impacts your performance at work?

Do you know you could achieve so much more if you believed in yourself more and cared less about what others think?


How would it feel if I told you...


That it's possible for you to get rid of your self-doubt and overcome that negative self-talk? 

That it's possible for you to trust yourself and your capabilities so that you can start to step outside your comfort zone and take more risks?

That it's possible for you to enhance the key skills required at work today and approach different situations with assertiveness and confidence while having faith into your own ability to figure anything out? 

All of this is possible for you.


Hi, I'm Anna!

Do you know how many times I've been told I'm too bossy, too outspoken, too bold, too out there, too different, too [you name it]. 

Yup, you've got it. Too m-a-n-y times. 

Frankly, it was so many times it started to have a negative impact on me. I thought perhaps these people are right?! Maybe I should indeed 'tone it down'?!

Then some sort of a personal meltdown happened (more about that below...) and I was forced into a situation where I needed to re-work my beliefs and do some deep inner work I had never done before.

This work revealed a more powerful me and I knew there was no going back to my old being. 

Interestingly, this work generated some momentum in the other areas of my life - my career in particular. As I felt more comfortable in my own skin, my career started flowing, I got many new opportunities and got promoted - because I was being myself, not despite  it. 

I realised that this 'being comfortable in my own skin' was really about confidence. And based on the results in my own life, confidence seemed to be one of the most important traits to hold in order to lead a happy and successful life. 

Today, I trust myself and my ability to figure things out and am comfortable bringing myself with me everywhere I go. And I want you to feel the same - that's why I created the course. 


Wander Woman Unstoppable Confidence is a 5-week program designed to transform the way you think and feel about yourself, so that you can live your life with Unstoppable Confidence.

How does this course work?

I'm so excited!

This is my first-ever online course, a five-week long process that combines personal touch through our online coaching calls and online-based workbook work.

I’ve created a framework of five modules that will support your thought process during these five weeks. These modules include questions to think about and suggest things to do which we will work on further in our weekly calls. As said, confidence is all about action!

This online course gives you an opportunity to look at your current beliefs, gives tools to work on your mindset and tangible tips and tricks of things you can do in your everyday life - all intended to start to live your life with more confidence and in a way that is more authentic to you!

Let me share a few thoughts about the type of work this course includes...

The mindset work is to update and condition your beliefs. Did you know that most of our beliefs are formed by the age of 25 and then we rarely challenge them after that?! I want you to have beliefs that will support you taking action with confidence. A great question to think about it: what does the confident version of you believe? 

The action-taking work is to support the idea that you grow and expand when you get uncomfortable. This stuff will be hard, requires willpower and most likely includes action you don’t really want to take. But this is the stuff that will change you. It’s those small decisions in your daily life that will ultimately change your life. We will cultivate that type of doing and I will support you in taking that action.


After reading this you might think this will be hard work – and yes, some of it will be but at the same time it will be a huge learning curve for you! Look, it's too easy to stay comfortable in where you are now but let me tell you something: you know already what it takes to get where you are today. Doing the same stuff again will get you nowhere new. To achieve something different, you need to be and do differently. I’m here to give you a (friendly) push so that you can start to see what is possible for you. (Clue: anything is possible.)

Finally, please note that while the mindset work is really powerful, it can take up to a year of dedicated work to re-wire our brains. Therefore, these five weeks will give you significant momentum and the tools so that you have the confidence to keep doing what you do best even after the course is finished.

This is a Pilot course - what does that mean?

I’m so excited about this course and I’ve put my heart (and brains) into creating this first-even confidence course!

As said, the five-module framework is crafted based on my own experience and the tools I've personally used. You might have different requirements – and I respect that.  That’s why this pilot has a big focus on the weekly livestream coaching calls to make sure each student can get their questions answered and appropriate support.

Clearly, this will also impact my finely designed framework so I will be adding to the materials from my toolbox as I see fit to make sure my students get the service they deserve.

This pilot is a great opportunity to get hands-on, personal advice from someone who’s been there and done that (me!). This might be your only chance to receive this high-level support and coaching with this little investment. #TRUEDAT

If you believe you can or if you believe you can’t – either way you’re right

What is included?

  • 5 weeks of intensive training led by me
  • 90 min weekly livestream-type coaching call
  • Weekly videos, workbooks and challenges all found in your personal online library
  • Private FB group for questions, concerns and amazing peer support!
Ok, I want this course!

What type of results can you expect from this course?

Clearly, I cannot guarantee results because it all depends how committed you are and how much effort you put in. 

That said, what looks great for me is that after five weeks of coaching with me, you…

  • Know yourself better
  • Believe in yourself more and you have some new, positive and powerful thoughts in your head
  • Know what to do when you hit those moments when you doubt yourself
  • Take action towards your goals in a way that previously would have scared the s*** out of you
  • Have more confidence in your being and doing
  • Enjoy your life more!

 That would make me really happy – and maybe you too :)

Confidence is the characteristics that distinguishes those who imagine from those who do. Which category do you belong to?

"Anna is a go-getter, a true force of nature for whom no barrier is too high. She has worked tremendously hard to get where she is today and is now inspiring others to go on the same journey. If you want to build your confidence and simultaneously receive a large kick up on the backside then Anna is your perfect coach!"

Gary Crotaz
Anna worked with Gary while he was the Director of Group Strategy & Customer Director at Mothercare Plc

Give me all the details please!





Snap, the doors are now closed...

The class is currently in action. Sign up to my newsletter at the end of this page and I'll let you know as soon as we open the doors again... Thanks for your interest! x Anna

This is your package to a more confident you!

What you'll get in this 5-week program:

  • Weekly 90 minute livestream-style coaching and Q&A session with me
  • Weekly videos and self-study workbooks in your personal, online library
  • Weekly homework to test your new skills in real life
  • Members-only Facebook group
  • All materials accessible to you in your personal online library, wherever, whenever
  • Finally, you will have access for a lifetime (and if there's new / updated material to the course at any point, you'll get that, too!) You can come back to your course materials as often as you like to hone your skills!
Ok I want this course!

Your exclusive bonus #1 - The Energy Guide (value £50)

  • I believe if we’re trying to do anything new, we need some fresh energy into our bodies
  • This guide will give your tools, techniques and hacks to access your unlimited energy to help you be the best you
  • This is the stuff I do in my own life - so it's good!

Your exclusive bonus #2 - Power & Meditation Talks (value £300)

  • For me, listening to motivational content (think Tony Robbins) has made a huge impact in my life. Our thoughts today are 90% the same as they were the day before and by listening to some great quality content you can start re-wiring those neurons of yours...
  • Power talks – helping you when you need to prime yourself, need a pep talk, want to focus on your own game, want to practise visualisation…
  • Meditation talks – think meditation on self-compassion, self-love, gratitude...
  • And it's all delivered in a digital format, in English, by yours truly :)

What's the value of all this?

5 * Coaching sessions £875

5 * Module videos and workbooks £500

FB Group & peer support (priceless)

Bonus 1: Energy guide £50

Bonus 2: Power talks £300

Bonus 3: 2 coaching calls £350


Your investment £249

(Please note this is the FIRST time I'm running the course, hence I've made the offer really accessible for you. I'm committed to the highest level of service to all of my students and helping them to live a more confident life.)

Ok, get me my course for £249!

What's your plan for the modules, Anna?

My 5-module framework, consists of thoughts processes and exercises I've followed myself. Please note this is subject to change during the pilot to ensure the highest level of service to my students.

Module 1: Your old story and confidence mindset

  • What is the current story you're telling yourself (and the story that is holding the confident version of you back)
  • How to start re-wiring your brain and mindset for confidence - what is the 'confident you' like
  • How to lead yourself at all times

Module 2: Expanding your comfort zone with confidence

  • How to build your confidence muscle through action
  • How to build your character and resilience
  • How to make your strengths work for you (being confident in a way that fits you)

Module 3: Project confidence with others

  • How to present anything with confidence 
  • How to harness your physiology to feel confident and make situations work for you
  • How to lead others with confidence

Module 4: Dealing with setbacks, no's and failures

  • How to respond to different situations without hurting anyone (and not embarrassing yourself)
  • How to worry less what others think or say
  • How to keep proceeding even if all you hear is no

Module 5: Tweak and celebrate!

  • Celebrate successes together!
  • How to keep practising and improving your skills. Get feedback and further tips

A few of my lovely clients <3


After working with Anna for three months, I have doubled my income, I know I am going and I am much more happier and in control of my life. It's such an exciting time now for my business and I've already achieved half of the things that I set out to for the whole year. 



I still have a lot to do, but Im focusing on being a better me and giving my best, I have plans for the future, I know where I wanna go, and what I need to do, I try to be more in charge over my own life.



Anna inspired me and helped me both focus on myself to find what I looked for and also helped me to step back and broaden my view. And as a result I now know what my passion is and I'm working towards it. 


My full story...

I never expected that moving to London in 2012 would have such a massive impact into my life.

First of all, the beginning was rough. I moved here with 500 euros on my bank account, no job or nowhere to live. I still remember that one afternoon when I was sat in a café in Notting Hill, crying into my coffee as I had heard about 40 no’s from a variety of jobs and I started thinking that maybe I should just go back home.

But when you keep knocking on the door, someone opens… And so I got a consulting job and was back in action.

While I was getting my career off the ground I ran into a personal crisis that ended up having a profound effect on my life. It was this very special man, but I only realised it too late. Suddenly I was in a new city, far away from home, speaking in a foreign language all day long, working long days…and trying to hide a broken heart.

This period of my life, while deeply sad, guided me on the path of self-exploration that started to change how I viewed myself, my career, and my life.

I went deeper into my yoga practise. Books came back to my life. I cut partying – and later drinking. I went on my first ever juice detox. I started journaling and writing and, as a by-product, my thoughts started to come together better.

At the same time, I had started experiencing an increasing amount of challenges at work. Being a bright, bold, and funny woman (that I genuinely believe I am) is not really something that is widely celebrated. It took me a while to understand what was going on (at the workplace and within me) but when I understood it, it hit me hard:

There was shame being me – there was shame with who I was deeply within. I wasn’t fitting the bill.

And a result of this, I quit my first London job. 


Just to get back on the hamster wheel a few months later. But this time I knew something was different: I had decided I was going to be me, take it or leave it. 

Thankfully, my new job actually liked me for who I was!

They gave me a launch pad to grow as an expert and as a woman. I had a lot of passion for my work and the intellectual challenge it gave me kept me hungry. I was very driven and committed to my career. When our small boutique consultancy was then acquired by a large corporate consultancy, I felt a bit sad.

At first, I couldn’t put my finger on it, but after a while I realised I was back to the same topics I had visited at the start of my London career. Being a strong, outspoken and bold female was again a fear factor to many. It seemed like to make it work for me, I would need to ‘tone it down’ – be likable, not bossy, and definitely not difficult. Unfortunately, I kind of like who I am so I knew this was not going to be an easy ride.


That said, I wasn’t the same woman who came to London in 2012. I knew I was good at what I do, and that I could figure anything out. I also wasn’t self-conscious anymore. I felt confident and genuinely believed anything is possible.

But then I ran into a new kind of problem: after returning to my unpaid leave to celebrate my five-year anniversary in London to my desk in Canary Wharf I woke up to the cold fact that the passion I had for my work was gone.

My heart had moved somewhere different and I felt the urge to create something on my own and have a bigger, positive impact around me. I was willing to step up and take responsibility – I felt this was my calling and I wanted to act on it.

So, I jumped off my decade-long management consulting career to start my own business. There’s much to say about this journey I’m on now but what I’ll say here is that it took me quite a while to arrive into this place where I am now!

Today, I’m here to empower, inspire, and stand for a bigger cause. I want to create this space for women where we celebrate who you are, and make your life work because of it, not despite it.

For me, confidence is a natural place to start because while confidence is all about action there are meaningful beliefs behind it all. I believe everything is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics, so starting to work on your mindset (like I started back in the days) and combining that with intentional action creates such momentum that allows changes to take place.

I’m so excited to bring my first online course to you and I hope I get to work with you to unleash your confidence...

x Anna

Who is this course perfect for?

  • You’re ambitious and driven to go to the next level in your life 
  • You’re excited about challenging yourself and doing inner work
  • You’re eager to learn and to put the good stuff in practise
  • You’re willing to drop your story ’I can’t’ and be open to discover you can
  • You’re loving the fact you’ll get some tough love from me in the process
  • You’re committed to completing the course, its homework and challenges
  • You’re fun and a valuable member of this tribe of Wander Women
  • You know this is an investment for your future

This is not right for...

  • Someone who doesn’t want to put in the work
  • Someone who has an "I already know that" mindset
  • Someone who is not willing to take 100% responsibility of herself
  • Someone who is looking for a quick fix to her problems, rather than thinking deeply and being honest to herself
  • Someone who sees this course as an ”cost"
  • Someone who is looking for therapy, rather than coaching

Got questions?

Don't worry, I have answers!

Hmm…how long is a piece of string? This depends. Are you super ambitious, want to make that promotion round now and are fully committed to it? Then this course will be on your agenda every hour of your day and let me tell you why I’m saying this…

This course is full of mindset work as I believe all change starts from within. For you to start truly stepping into the new you, you need to become very sensitive towards your daily actions, behaviours and habits. To start to make moves towards your goals, you might need to start acting differently in these situations so that it supports your goal. 

So, while the physical workbook and homework might take between 60-90 minutes every week, the thought process can be a more time-consuming thing, and that’s all dependent on how hungry you are to implement the new you in real life!

Oh no! But, even after me giving you the most honest and accurate picture of the course, you decide you don’t like the course, I’m committed to giving a 100% refund.

I offer a 100% money back guarantee if, after you've completed all the modules, you still feel I could not help you to get closer to your confidence goals. Just send me all your homework and results on the weekly challenge (I need to see you really tried!) and I will refund you your money.

Well, I have two answers for this:

Yes – holiday might be a great time for you to do this work because you’re away from your natural habitat and often that alone gives more space for new thoughts. And what could be nicer than doing some self-development work while sipping on your favourite holiday drink under the sun?! Max the results I’d say!!!

No - if you know your holiday will be running from one place to another and you think this course might be another stress factor in your holiday, please don’t sign up. I don’t want to be causing stress in your life! The good news is, I’m so planning to run this course again after this pilot is done so it’s most likely better for you to sign up then. Please subscribe to my newsletter in this case so I can inform your when we’re going live next time! (However, please be advised this price I’m offering for the pilot is not guaranteed for the next round so expect to invest more.)

Sure thing, lovely! Your personal library is accessed through Internet and all the materials will be stored there. You will also be meeting other Wander Women in our weekly coaching call – this is done via Zoom so it’s actually face-to-face. Finally, all the important communications are done via email and/or your online portal so you won’t miss anything important course related information.

Well…can you guarantee that you’ll put in all the work and do everything that is in your power to get moving towards your goals? In that case yes, I can guarantee you’ll get results. That said, while I’m here cheering and supporting for you, I won’t be there in your life, in all the moments and minutes when you need help – you need to step up for yourself. You need to do the work.

I’ve seen my clients achieve wonderful results and that’s because they have been committed and they are putting in the work. I guide them, lead them, and encourage them (and provide some tough love when needed). But ultimately, they are responsible for their own results.

So are you for your own results. What you put in, you’ll get out!

I’m so glad you asked that! Of course you can do this alone, it’s up to you! (And perhaps you should do this alone since to me it looks like you're not ready to receive help...).

 That said, please can I suggest another perspective. For the last decade I’ve invested in my career, learning and knowledge in a way that has enabled me to gather a wealth of experience and insight what it takes to be successful in today’s world. I’ve literally invested tens of thousands of pounds into my knowledge and now I’m offering that to you with a fraction of that investment.

The best way to get forward in life – fast – is to model people who have done it. I’ve done it and now I’m offering you the opportunity to work with me.

Great question! My working language is English hence all the materials, videos, workbooks, coaching sessions, you name it, will be in English.

That said, for this pilot I’ve had a tremendous interest from Finland and I have promised to hold a weekly coaching call in Finnish as well. What this means is that there will be two weekly coaching calls: one hosted in English, and one in Finnish. I’m sure you will know yourself which one you should attend J

Yes! It’s 2019 baby! All of this is taking place online: your library is accessed through your Internet browser, group conversations happen in Facebook, I’ll send you occasional email and the coaching calls take place in Zoom. Easy peasy!

That said, clearly the coaching sessions will happen live and my timezone in currently BST (London). This means that if you’re in Australia, you might struggle to get up / stay up late to join these meetings. But – these calls will be recorded and sent to all course members so you can get access to them anyways plus you can always send me your concerns and questions via email so I can address them during the call.

Not to worry! Feel free to email me at [email protected] And I’ll make sure I’ll help you to answer your question and see if this course is the right fit for you.

Let me take the last bit of worry from you...

I offer a 100% money back guarantee if, after you've completed all the modules, you still feel I could not help you to get closer to your confidence goals. Just send me all your homework and results on the weekly challenge (I need to see you really tried!) and I will refund you your money.

Is it your time now?

The official bio of Anna...

Anna is a inspirational speaker, coach, author – and an energy ball!

She has been privileged to travel the world and spend the past decade transforming some of the leading fashion and luxury businesses, working side by side with CEOs and their leadership teams in complex business challenges. Anna has worked with world-leading consultancies such as Deloitte, KPMG, and Boxwood, and consulted several world leading brands.

The experience of living in a foreign country and working in a really competitive, male-dominated environment while advancing her career like a rocket, has given Anna such insight and tools she now wants to share with other women. Anna thinks anything is possible - if we just show up as the best version of ourselves to do the work.

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