Ah it's so tiring...

You've been grinding in your career for a while. You've actually been in that same job for a bit too long - and I know you know that.

Changing jobs, or even careers, is not that easy. That said, you can see other people enjoying their jobs, making great money but for some reason, you've started to doubt your ability to do the same. How come does it feel so hard?

Am I missing a secret ingredient, you might be asking yourself? Do I have what it takes?



And I have to say this phase in life isn't easy.

It's like your head is full of thoughts and ideas and even if sometimes you get a bit excited, most of the time you tell yourself to stick to what you already know. 

I'm just going to say it how it really is: you want more but you're afraid to take the leap because you're not sure you can pull it off.

                Ummm can I just give you some tough love for a moment?


  • You have wanted to change your career for a while already but even the thought of starting the job hunting process and leaving the comfort of your job (=salary) makes you cripple with fear. What if you never get that dream job or you end up worse than today?
  • You're good at what you do but promoting & marketing yourself is not really your cup of tea. You feel insecure more often that you'd like to admit and you sometimes wonder why is it so hard to confidently articulate the value you bring to the table?!
  • Last time you checked the job market was like 1989. Your LinkedIn profile is out of date and you're feeling fearful going 'publicly out there' and starting to look for a job. What will other people think of me, you might think. 

Oh, it's such a roller coaster of emotions!

In addition, it's 2019 and things have changed around here. Our careers don't look like they used to do and how we find our dream career sometimes seems like a magic trick. The truth is the rules of the game have changed.

But if you look closer, you have changed, too. It might be that a few years back you were still merrily making your way to the office but these days, you've slowly started to desire more purpose, more meaning, more challenge, MORE YOU into your career. 

You know if you don't do anything, things won't change. And you also know time is passing by so quickly that if you don't start to act about now, it's like POOF! and another 5 years is gone. Oh yes.

And if you really think about it...you know you're ready to take the driver's seat, guiding your career (and life!) to pastures more green. 

I happen to believe this career changing thing is not that complex it looks like. That said, you do need structure around you and a process that will help you to be more intentional and start to take meaningful, productive action to be where you want to (and deserve to!) be.

I want to talk to you about a few things...

The grass might just be a tiny bit greener on the other side... 









Would 'a structured process to land you your dream career' sound good to you?

That's what I thought! Keep reading, lovely...









Let's Move On!

What will this program bring you?

You'll gain CLARITY to take intentional action

Clarity is power over here! Organise those messy thoughts in your head, hone your job seeker mindset, and start taking intentional steps towards your dream career. Be strategic and advance with confidence in yourself (and ditch the "I'll do anything" mentality)! We like growing momentum that makes you more confident AND gives you instant feedback and results = progress.

You'll do things in a way that feels good to YOU

Be guided by a structured process that has the key ingredients but gives you the flexibility so that you can make this experience yours. We're all different. I'll push your boundaries but you decide HOW you want to go about your career. We'll get creative and savvy, understanding that to get an extraordinary result, we need to be a bit extraordinary in our thinking and doing. 

You'll be SUPPORTED throughout

You're not alone. I'll be guiding the process and there are amazing sisters around you on this vulnerable (and exciting!) journey. I'll give you the framework, the challenge, the vibes, and the LOVE...and this tribe will provide you with a safe space to ask q's, reflect and grow. We'll harness slick tech to make this seamless. You'll come out of the process as a different woman. 


Move On! is a creative, fun and engaging program to move on in your career & life and build essential mindset, skills and connections while on the journey!

If there's one thing I've learned it is that no one's going to come and get you. You need to step up and show up - and do the work.

Is this finally your time to grab those career dreams by the horns?

How does the 12 weeks look like?

This is how it's going to get down, sister...

  • 6 thought-provoking, yet practical modules. 1 module every two weeks so you have enough time to work through it, reflect and take action. All your workbooks and videos are stored in your private online member area you can access whenever, wherever. Super easy to use (and looks gorgeous if I may say...).
  • Weekly Zoom calls. 12 calls in total, 90 minutes each, led by me. This is where it gets real good: we will work through any knotty issues and make sure everyone is progressing as planned. We will rotate timings (because, life) and finally, calls are recorded and uploaded to your member area so you can come back to them anytime.
  • Private Facebook group. We'll have our own little hub for trouble shooting and all sorts of practical questions, thoughts and ideas to work through with me and the rest of these amazing women. This group comes in handy between calls and keeps momentum going!
  • Weekly progress reporting. You will report to me directly each and every week so I can see what's going on, and give you the necessary support you need to stay on track and hit your career goals! I will hold you accountable from my heart <3
  • Priority Wander Woman status. The Move On! program is my prestigious service so expect to be treated like a queen: on top of the above, I'll give you early access and special promotions across all things Wander Woman. You are at the forefront of a growing tribe and a member of Sisterhood that is there for life.

Overview to the 6 modules

We'll have 1 module every two weeks so you have enough time to reflect and take action - and this is how it will look like...

1 Crystal clear career vision & hone the mindset

Let's clarify what you want out of your dream career and make sure it fits your wider life goals. We'll work through your current, limiting job seeker story and create new, empowering beliefs you will condition throughout the program. These new beliefs will manifest as intentional action! Finally, we will crystallise your career goals and get super committed to them so that you can start trusting yourself (and the process).

2 Work values & the value you bring to the table

This will be powerful: we'll articulate your work values and non-negotiable factors to make sure you know what you want & value (and hey, you know it when you see it!). Let's work through your strengths and make them way more transferable. We'll also start talking 'employer language': you'll learn how to promote yourself without that awkward feeling and understand the value you, amazing woman, are bringing to the table. 

3 Get more confident & be ready for anything

We all know this is a sensitive period in your life. Let's work on your inner light: I want you to have confidence in yourself and your skills while gaining the resilience (because we know there will be hard times ahead). I'll help you become more confident in the various parts of the job seeking process (interviews, anyone?!) and we'll unpack the most common emotions, like imposter syndrome, so you have the tools when you need them.

4 Your online presence & LinkedIn business card

First of all, let's make your LinkedIn profile something you can be proud of. Then we'll work on your wider online presence and work out how you can start to stand out more. I'll push your boundaries because this is where we can create magic. You'll learn to make invaluable connections and start getting closer to those movers & shakers of your dream career that might just make all the difference...

5 Make yourself a networking ninja

This is about you creating opportunities for yourself. True Wander Woman waits for no one! We'll get creative and hone your networking skills so that you always have something to say AND you always leave great impressions. No more awkward conversations. I'll also equip you with top interviewing skills so that at the end of this module everyone wants to hire you. #SETTHENEWSTANDARD

6 Celebrate! (and create a plan of action)

By now you've already done some great work and seen some results so we want to recognise that! Well done you! We'll be creating you a plan of action (and a skill development plan, if necessary) to make sure you know how to proceed, even when it all doesn't go according to plan. We'll also create some useful routines & rituals for you to keep that momentum going even after the program is over. You've got this.

Oh I've so been where you are...

I've quit my job three times.

I've moved countries seven times.

When I moved to London 7 years ago, I didn't have a job, no place to live and 500 euros on my bank account.

In about six weeks I had a job. 

I can say that these transition periods have required radical mindset shifts, going against the current and challenging myself on a completely different level. Now I want to share all my lessons learned with you. I believe we are all worthy of our dreams and I want to support you to reach yours.

Come along and build the mindset, approach and strategy to get a firecracker start to your new career - all with loving support from me.

I'm looking forward to working with you

x Anna

"I cannot recommend Anna's support on social media enough! I knew I needed a better online presence but didn't know where to start. The session with Anna helped to inform me around not only content for my profile, but Anna also provided tips and tricks on how to be more visible, how to tailor my image and gave me helpful insight around promoting myself to colleagues and prospective employers. You cannot simply Google these things and teach yourself, the benefit of having an expert talk you through the process is invaluable! Anna has amazing knowledge around business, cooperative and NGO sectors and the time I spent with her allowed us to discuss many issues regarding my career ambitions. I'm finally confident enough to build my LinkedIn network!"

Worked with Anna 121 to polish her LinkedIn presence

"When I started my coaching journey with Anna, I was desperately looking for something but I hadn't realized what. It felt like there was a curtain between me and what I craved for but I was afraid of opening the curtain as I was not sure what exactly was on the other side. Anna inspired me and helped me both focus on myself to find what I looked for and also helped me to step back and broaden my view. And as a result I now know what my passion is and I'm working towards it. Thank you Anna for the inspiring coaching sessions, I really hope we can work together again!"

Worked with Anna 121 finding her passion

"The consistency of chatting with Anna every week has meant that I am now laser focussed on my business and enjoy it so much more – she's the catalyst that my business needed to really move forward and has given me new energy and a love for what I do. After working with Anna for three months, I have doubled my income, I know I am going and I am much more happier and in control of my life. It's such an exciting time now for my business and I've already achieved half of the things that I set out to for the whole year. "

Worked with Anna 121 to accelerate her business

"What a great decision it was to participate this course! So many great things that I learned! It was full of great content, practical tools and tips, inspiring coaching sessions, and wonderful group of women with similar challenges. It was not only a 5 weeks course, but a start of a life-time journey for reaching my goals and happiness with more confident myself."

Worked with Anna on a 5-week group confidence course

Is this your time to join this intimate group & make your career dreams a reality?

The doors for registration will close promptly at midnight Fri 4 Oct & class will commence with first Zoom call Tue 8 Oct (materials will be available in your member portal Fri 4 Oct)









Your options to invest in yourself NOW

Lovely, you can continue being stuck but you deserve better. It's your time to invest in yourself and finally get on the path of your dream career. Please note there are only space for 10 AMAZING WOMEN.


One time payment

Includes all the Move On! program features:

12 weekly group calls

6 jam-packed modules with videos and workbooks, all in your private membership area, accessible 24/7

Private Facebook group, giving extra access to me and connection to other group sisters

Weekly progress monitoring

Priority access and special promotions to Wander Woman products & events

Yes, I'm ready to go all in!


2 monthly payments of £560, total £1,120

Everything as in the pay in full option, you will be charged £560 for 2 consecutive months

If you select this payment option I trust you respect the monthly payments and stick to the program.






Yes, this works for me!



Expires Fri, 27 September 2019!

Get a complimentary 60-minute 1:1 with me (valued at £185) to be used anytime during the program. We can hone your mindset, work on imposter syndrome and insecurities, review your LinkedIn profile, plan your moves and who you should contact...you name it, I'm here for you!

Please note this is a one-time offer to work privately with me. When it's gone, it's gone.



You'll get two months FREE (value £74) in the Wander Woman Sisterhood after we finish in the program. This will be a fantastic way for you to stay close to where it's all happening, stay accountable, and keep feeling those high vibes as you stride towards your dream career. 

Read more about the Sisterhood here!


Still on the fence if this is right for you? Or you want to find out if our chemistries match?

No worries, sister! Book an absolutely free 30 min Discovery call and let’s see if this program is the right fit for you.

The button below will direct you to my calendar where you can book a time slot that works for you. You'll get all the call details at the time of booking. Please only make a booking when you’re serious about this program - I respect your time, please respect mine, too. 

I'm looking forward to speaking to you! 


Move On! program is suitable for women who...

  • Want new direction for their career...like yesterday
  • Are committed and motivated to show up and do the work
  • Want extraordinary results and don't want to live an average life anymore
  • Have a healthy amount of self-discipline
  • Like to go all in and work through obstacles without giving up immediately when the going gets tough
  • Consider themselves as learners and are keen to grow as women 
  • Want to contribute to a community of like-minded women and give support to others
  • Are fun-loving, glass half full kind of women!

If this is you...I guess I'll see you on the course then!

Got questions?

We've got answers!

Hmm...how long is a piece of string?

Personally, I believe job-seeking can be a full time job. If you think about the program structure alone, you can expect spending 90 minutes with me each week, some time on the FB group and then up to 2 hours on modules (ie working on yourself) - and indeed, I mean all of this each week for 12 weeks. This alone is a serious time commitment and only for those women who are committed to get into the path of their dream career.

Believe me when I say I want you to get where you want to get in life - hence, we need to do the work!

Well, if you're committed, show up and do the work, I can say you will most definitely get results. 

I'm here to guide you and facilitate the process. I have included information and materials that I have found necessary on my own path. That said, your situation is most likely different from mine and so many factors impact the results you can get from this course that it's nearly impossible to predict any certain results. 

But what I know for sure is that what you put in, you will get out. 

I'd say if you know already from the outset you want to start your own business, then this is not the program for you. 

While you would most definitely benefit from eg the mindset, confidence and networking modules, this program revolves around career women and the guidance you will need is slightly different. 

If you're still feeling I might be wrong saying this, hop on a Discovery call with me and let's talk this through!


Unfortunately there are no refunds.

I trust you to make an informed purchasing decision and if there's anything that you're hesitating with, I'd recommend you hope on a Discovery call with me before you invest so we can find out if this is the right fit for you.

No worries, drop me a note at [email protected] and I will come back to you as soon as I can.

Ok so you've scrolled all the way to the bottom of the page...

I'm pretty sure you're now wondering if you should get your cute booty on the program. Take a moment to think but not too long since we've capped participation at 10 women!

When is NOW good for you? You can thank me later x


Don't let this opportunity to slip by...


One time payment

Yes, let's do this!


2 monthly payments of £560, total £1,120

I'm so in!

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