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I'm updating the course based on all the beta feedback (thank you!). Please come back soon and join this even more fab confidence course!

Can I ask you something...?

You know you're a wonderful woman and you're doing great in life. 

At the same time, there's this feeling inside you.

This feeling of not being enough, doubting your abilities, feeling insecure, sometimes even overwhelmed about your life.

Sometimes you wonder whether you're doing the right thing at all and wish you had the guts to just say what you want.

And when you look at others, it seems like they've got it all together. How come for them is comes so easy?

You still have your dreams, goals and a vision of that dream job. 

I know how you feel, lovely because...I am you. 

Can I share something personal with you? 

  • I have doubted my abilities on the regular and sometimes this prevented me from stepping into bigger shoes at work
  • I've felt confused at life, lacking purpose and overall overwhelmed about the direction I should take
  • I've felt oh so stuck in life, not sure where to start and to break free from that negative, nagging voice inside my head

And boy, sometimes it can be so hard because no one has taught us how to break free from these thoughts and feelings.

I've needed to battle with confidence several times in my life. Moving abroad, starting a new job, talking in a foreign language, getting disappointed in love once again, and to even losing friends, I've had moments when I haven't believed in myself not even one bit and had no courage or confidence to go further.

But once I started learning and realising a few things about how us humans work and how I can CHOOSE how I feel I think, things started shifting.

And what I know is that all this is available to you, too. 

Stop beating yourself up. There's nothing 'wrong' with you, you just need to learn how you can take control over your mind and body and learn the tools that help you to become the woman you've always desired to be.

Would you like to hear how that's done? 









Introducing your superpower to confidence









This course will create a paradigm shift in your life so that you can...

Think positive

See yourself in a positive, confident light. Know you have everything it takes, have faith in yourself and your skills and leave that negative chatter behind because you know it's not you, it's your brain keeping you stuck and you know how to work with that.

Feel empowered

Confidence is not only a thought - it's also an emotion in the body. Access the wisdom of your body and understand how you can literally push past your comfort zone when the time to act is here. There's nothing quite like the feeling of confidence, right?

Build your tool belt

Learn mindset shifts you can make in your daily life and some super practical tools you can use in your next meeting. This is so simple and practical that you can see immediate results (and you'll wonder why you haven't done this earlier).


This course is easily digestible, makes you think and do things differently. Gain insightful knowledge, reflect and implement this stuff right away - your own way - to reach your next level of confidence. 

4 jam-packed modules to boost your confidence

Module 1. What confidence is - for real

Let's update your views on confidence. We'll explore different facets of confidence so that you can really define what you desire - and understand where you're currently stuck. Might include paradigm shifts as we explore topics such as feminine confidence. 

Module 2. Your confidence-boosting story

We'll learn how our minds and bodies work for and against confidence. We'll identify your core confidence hampering beliefs and unpack common confidence-related issues (self-doubt, imposter syndrome) so that you can leave them behind forever.

Module 3. Your confidence-optimised mindset

Confidence is all about doing! We'll start conditioning your new, desired thoughts and emotions through some simple practises you can include in your daily life. These will change not only how you look at confidence but also how you look at your life. Big stuff.

Module 4. Practical confidence hacking

We'll work through some really cool exercises and practical situations to make sure you know what to do if you lose your confidence. After this module you know how to generate & harness your confidence so that it's there for you when you need it - and you can trust that. 

Be honest with yourself: if you were more confident, what would be possible for you?

How would you show up? What would you think, say, even wear? How would you act? What impact would that have in your life?

How does this all work?

This is what's included in Radiant & Rocking online confidence course

  • 4 jam-packed modules. Let me guide you through the journey of your mind & body in a very practical and digestible manner. Modules include videos to challenge your thinking and workbooks with prompts for you to reflect and journal on. 
  • A Wander Woman status. Us women tribe in our Facebook group and we'd love to have you here! This is the community you have dreamt of - and you can be sure we're happy for your progress. #NOWOMANLEFTBEHIND
  • All online, 365/24/7. We're doing it like it's 2019 baby! All your materials in your private online member area you can access whenever, wherever. If I may say it: this is uber-slick. And yes, these gems (and any updates) are yours to keep FOREVER.
  • Priority access. Priority access to other Wander Woman products and events - boo I've included a trial of Sisterhood membership for you so you can get jamming right away! Be at the forefront of a growing tribe. 'Nuff said.

A word from your fellow sisters

We run a beta confidence group course in June 2019 and here's what the ladies had to say (please note we had weekly calls that are not included in Rocking & Radiant)

"Thank you Anna for being an amazing coach. This course has opened my eyes and mind and body. Thank you for being so personable, approachable and patient. You made such an effort to make the content relevant to anyone's personal circumstances. Not just in the workbook but especially in the weekly calls. So glad I went on this course. I thank you tribe leader. Proud to be a wander woman xxx"


"I really loved the course and I feel I got a huge amount of insight and tools that have already been helpful and will continue for sure be valuable on my journey in the future. Anna’s approach is wonderful, she is extremely supportive, but also pushed us to dig deeper and aim higher. I’m truly grateful I had the opportunity to take this course with other amazing wander women."


"The combination of weekly calls (with honest feedback from you and other students) and the online material (both videos and the PDFs) provided fuel for all of my engines - meaning that having different kind of ways approaching interesting topics and themes was the key for me. Those kind of pushed me to do the work throughout the course."


"What a great decision it was to participate this course! So many great things that I learned! It was full of great content, practical tools and tips, inspiring coaching sessions, and wonderful group of women with similar challenges. It was not only a 5 weeks course, but a start of a life-time journey for reaching my goals and happiness with more confident myself."


Hi fellow ambitious woman,

It makes my heart skip from joy that you’re here – you are a woman who’s tired of giving your power away and constantly feeling insecure. You are me.

I want to tell you something...

You know one of the key reasons my heart desired to create this course?

Because when I was in management consulting, serving the top CEOs of the fashion and luxury world, I saw this play one too many times.

My female colleagues, no matter at what level of seniority, did this very same MISTAKE when there was an opportunity to step forward. These women HESITATED – and at the same time men accelerated and grabbed the opportunity by the horns. First come, first serve, ladies.

Over time, I got so frustrated. Why were we selling ourselves short even before we had glanced our eyes beyond our comfort zone? I knew I needed to figure this s*** out.

Through studying neuroscience, behavioural science and psychology, combined with coaching and mentoring my clients and colleagues for several years, I started to see the core of this challenge: fear, anxiety, self-doubt (even self-loathing!), and imposter syndromes all around. You name it, I’ve seen it and I've experienced it myself. And all this belongs under one banner: LACK OF CONFIDENCE.

Confidence is the approach to our life and the situations within – whether they are amazing or really challenging. Confidence helps us not to hold back but go all in and make the best of any situation. For me, confidence is about being authentically you – being you and doing you – and being damn proud of it. 

This course is my heart’s work to you; this is your opportunity to transform how you let your authentic confidence rule your life.

It is your birth right to own and exercise your power – let me show you how you can get your power back.

Oh and by the way - this is also your permission slip – consider this the last time you’ll EVER need it.

Confidence is all about action - I really hope to see you on the course, sister.

x Anna

Confidence is an inner game. You need to do the work - for yourself.

Want a masterclass in confidence?

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Confident AF is suitable for those women who...

  • Are ambitious and so ready to uplevel their confidence game
  • Are committed and motivated to show up and do the work
  • Have a healthy amount of self-discipline
  • Like to go all in and work through obstacles without giving up immediately when the going gets tough
  • Consider themselves as learners and are keen to grow as women 
  • Are fun-loving, glass half full kind of women!

If this is you...well, then I guess I'll see you on the course, sister!

Got questions?

We've got answers!

Ok so this is simple as A, B, C!

Radiant & Rocking is self-paced online course that you will have access to immediately after you've made the purchase and after that...forever! 

What this means is that you can study whenever is convenient for you, go back and forth in the materials, get your boost when needed, and you know what? If we add anything, that's yours, too!

Well, if you're committed, show up and do the work, I can say you will most definitely get results. 

I'm here to guide you and facilitate the process. I have included information and materials that I have found necessary to harness my own confidence. That said,  many factors impact the results you can get from this course and not all of them are under my (or your!) control.

But what I know for sure is that what you put in, you will get out!

Unfortunately there are no refunds.

I trust you to make an informed purchasing decision and if there's anything that you're hesitating with, I'd recommend you to get in touch with me before you invest so we can find out if this is the right fit for you.

No worries, drop us a note at [email protected] and we will come back to you.


See what my previous clients had to say about their BIGGEST MINDSET SHIFTS they experienced during our last group confidence course (NB. This was a group coaching course with weekly coaching that is not available in Radiant & Rocking)

  • To start to think more positive of myself, and that I’m capable of reaching my goals. Actions matter, and I have all the confidence to take actions. (Laura)

  • I’m the only one limiting myself and my growth. I can be so much more than I’m used to believing. (Linda)

  • Just breathe! Be confident as the authentic me. I don't have to try and be someone else. It is OK TO SAY NO. (Lorike)

  • That your thoughts really can turn into action & also the power of your mind. (Nina)

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