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I'm Anna,

I'm a leadership coach, change artist, business radical and energetics wielder...and many other things.

I serve leaders: entrepreneurs and executives, change makers and radicals who wish to live and lead as only they know how. My offerings are for ambitious, hungry leaders who believe in true transformation from the inside out.

I'm currently serving my clients in 1:1 private containers - please get in touch if you'd like to hear more about this opportunity.

I hope you find what you need in this moment, on these pages, and I welcome you on this adventure - thank you for your patience as we update this website to reflect my essence and work.

x Anna

Client testimonials

See the results my clients are achieving

"This go-to-market strategy is a straightforward thing to do. We know exactly what we need to do next."

CEO & Founder at a design agency

"This is the best sales pitching presentation I've seen about this topic. And I've probably seen about 50 of these."

Intrapreneur at hospitality industry

"After re-establishing our budget for 2021 and agreeing on new action steps to take to reach our sales target, we felt a lot more confident to take action. I'm now happy to report, as a result of our plan of attack, our February 2021 sales were up - by 286%! "

CEO & Founder at a sports textile business

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I'm proudly learning from...

I'm in training to become an ICF certified Associate Coach (ACC) early 2022, trained by the prestigious Presence Based Coaching in North Carolina, USA.

I'm a certified Heart Math practitioner from the world renowned Heart Math Institute, based in the US. These skills unlock heart-brain coherence within.

I'm an embodiment (somatics) practitioner and can therefore offer even more transformational services. One of my guides has been the US-based Strozzi Institute.

I've worked with energy for a decade. I'm a certified Reiki energy healer from East London Reiki and continue to discover & benefit of vibration it its various forms in my work.

NB. All my offers are also trauma-informed to value & understand the complex environment we navigate today.


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