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Welcome lovely!

My name's Anna and I'm an energy ball from Finland, living in London and love being on the road. 

I'm the creator of the Wander Woman movement (aka women who are ambitious and creating their lives rather than waiting for permission). I'm a ballet dancer turned management consultant turned business strategist for fellow female entrepreneurs.

With my support, women move from busy work to becoming the CEO of the business: leading, creating and impacting. I help my clients focus on the essential, build processes to lead a profitable business + I geek around marketing & sales as it energises me like crazy!

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x Anna

Are you a CEO/leader wanting to make a difference with her leadership style?

Want to improve / learn how you lead & impact others?

My private 1:1 offering for women in leadership positions is coming out soon - if you don't want to wait, send me email anna @ and we'll hop on online coffees!

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Are you a professional wanting to improve her communications?

Want to join an online membership to work on your comms skills & connect with a fab community of fellow female leaders?

The Sisterhood 2021 edition is now open and this year we'll focus on becoming a powerhouse of a communicator, presenter, influencer and listener at work

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Start thinking & acting like a REAL CEO through implementing this 60-minute, 5-step routine in your business each week. These are the very same steps I use in my Wander Woman business!

I'm the CEO!

I'm ready to move into my CEO mode & start working ON my business


Need inspiration, motivation or practical tips?! Then my podcast Good Vibes Only is the place for you!

Tune in for weekly goodness and some good vibes only, obvs! In this podcast, I'm not shy to go deep to help you avoid the mistakes I've done, to give you an energy boost plus every now and then I have some amazing guests! 

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Client love

See what some of my clients say about working with me...

"I really loved the course and I feel I got a huge amount of insight and tools that have already been helpful and will continue for sure be valuable on my journey in the future."

Worked with Anna on a group course on confidence

"After working with Anna for 3 months, I have doubled my income, I know where I'm going and I'm much more happier and in control of my life. It's such an exciting time now for my business and I've already achieved half of the things that I set out to for the whole year."

Worked with Anna 1:1 to grow her business

"Anna inspired me and helped me both focus on myself to find what I looked for and also helped me to step back and broaden my view. And as a result I now know what my passion is and I'm working towards it."

Worked with Anna 1:1 to re-direct her career

"It was not only a 5-week course but a start of a life-time journey for reaching my goals and happiness with more confident version of myself."

Worked with Anna on a group course on confidence

"Anna's course was very good. My sales started to grow again. During the course I learned a lot about myself. After the course I'm stronger and I dare to boldly go towards my dreams. I will be a great wellness coach."

Worked with Anna on a group course on confidence

"Thank you Anna, you are a genuine, gentle straight woman. The course was absolutely awesome, made me think and work. It was wonderful to get some little secret tips. The group became intimate and sympathetic. It is wonderful to continue working with you."

Worked with Anna on a group course on confidence

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