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I'm Anna,

 I'm a unique blend of a leadership coach and a strategic business mentor. I coach high performing female entrepreneurs, executives and leaders in particular, to hone & deepen their self leadership skills and so transform the way they lead.

I'm an ICF-certified leadership and presence-based coach and bring the power of the body into my work through presence, awareness, and depth.

My mission is to awaken more of us into conscious leadership of self and so to a deeper level of high performance.


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Client testimonials

See the results and experience my clients are having

"I had the pleasure of working with Anna for 10 weeks to improve our sales, and I cannot recommend her highly enough... She helped to break our goals down into smaller, actionable steps which made the process more manageable."

CEO & Founder at a project management business

"Anna encourages, challenges, helps to see myself and can give a really good practical tip. It always help me keep going forward, towards my goals."

CEO & Founder at a communications business for children with special needs

"Thank you from all of us at the PI Institute. Your session was superb - play, a total wake up call for our listening capacity - all in 30 minutes. Maybe some who missed it would like us to run it again?"

Co-Founder at the Physical Intelligence Institute

"...she made me realise the boxes I had put myself in. I realised the thinking patterns that were holding me back... Anna also made me realise the importance of embodiment and movement, things I knew but had forgotten. I started to see the strengths I have and all the opportunities there available for me... Thank you, you helped me to trust in myself again."

Anna Mari
Management Consultant & Service Designer

"It's easy to be with Anna and she has been there for me throughout our engagement. Her presence and care is genuine. We celebrate success and always find a way forward. I found so much more potential within myself and made a massive leap in my development! Anna is also so full of good energy...that is contagious!"

Management Consultant

"Working with Anna changed my life. ... She helped me find the way. It's me who chooses, it's me who knows my heart, and it's me that takes care of my life. And this is the path also for peace and giving. More than anything, I've found the strength and curiosity...and while there's loads to learn, and looking less for definite answers. Thank you."

Management consultant, coach, yoga teacher

"Anna is a great, passionate and ambitious person with a natural talent and ability to easily understand what her clients need and wish to achieve. ... I've enjoyed working with her, not only because she's given me a good amount of challenge but also because she has a very good sense of humour, compassion and understanding to her client's individual life situation."

Medical professional & executive coach

"... She helps others find their energy. I'm constantly amazed about her skill to find the right things to say to everyone and push us to new levels of awareness. Working with her is inspiring, energetic and also hard, because she doesn't let anyone off easily. ... I love the way she works from her heart, head and body, providing holistic solutions."

Finance professional & team leader

"She's an amazing woman who not only sees you but also makes you move (literally, with her profound knowledge of somatics) into a new and exciting direction. She has this special gift of a true listener who takes everything in and then manages to cause lasting change for you with just a few sentences."

Creative director

"I realised how painful it is for me to say 'no' to people. Will be working on this for a while..."

Leader, marketing expert, serial entrepreneur

"Anna has had a tremendous effect on my and my business. She has guided me to tap into my own wisdom, and helped me see what is aligned for me. She understand concepts energetically, and offers somatic exercises to truly dig into your truth."

Wellness entrepreneur, yoga teacher, influencer

"Anna made me see some outdated mental patterns, some of which I didn't see myself. While there was challenge, I also felt Anna was in my corner at all times. With Anna, you never need to show the best version of you."

Sustainability professional

"...I could realise the state I was in but didn't have tools to take action or change anything on my own. ... This has been first and foremost a journey where I have had to find answers from inside of me."

Legal professional

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My credentials

I'm an ICF certified Associate Coach (ACC, June 2022), trained by the prestigious Presence Based Coaching in North Carolina, USA. My coaching modality taps into our awareness & presence and is supported by neuroscience, somatics and adult development theory.

I'm a certified Physical Intelligence coach from the renowned Physical Intelligence Institute. This modality adds to my toolbelt and helps me support my clients to lead a physically intelligent life with the essential science & technology of their body.

I'm a certified Heart Math practitioner from the world renowned Heart Math Institute, based in the US. These skills increase our overall wellbeing, coherence, and vitality. These are some cool and easy tools I myself use daily as well.

I'm a lifelong embodiment (somatics) practitioner and a former ballet dancer. My curiosity towards movement and the inner workings of the body are ever deepening. One of my guides over the recent years has been the US-based Strozzi Institute.

NB. My work is trauma-aware and appreciates the complex environment we navigate today.


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