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I'm Anna and I help womxn-led businesses grow through sales training.

My clients are here to make a positive impact and I help them with two things: to setup & execute on an efficient sales process and to boost their sales skills. I make things easy and I love when my clients quickly accelerate their traction & sales on the marketplace.

If you want to grow your business today, get in touch and let's talk how I can help you

x Anna

Ps. Excuse the appearance of my website at the moment, an update is underway...

Client testimonials

See the results my clients are achieving

"This go-to-market strategy is a straightforward thing to do. We know exactly what we need to do next."

CEO & Founder at a design agency

"This is the best sales pitching presentation I've seen about this topic. And I've probably seen about 50 of these."

Intrapreneur at hospitality industry

"After re-establishing our budget for 2021 and agreeing on new action steps to take to reach our sales target, we felt a lot more confident to take action. I'm now happy to report, as a result of our plan of attack, our February 2021 sales were up - by 286%! "

CEO & Founder at a sports textile business

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