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Leadership Energetics is now open!

I'm proud to share my first group course focused on energy and applying it to leadership is now open!

Leadership Energetics is an immersive, experimental 8-week journey for those who are ready to shift who they are - big time.

Check it out & join now!


I'm Anna and I'm passionate about equipping leaders & change makers alike to navigate the future from a strong foundation of being, presence and embodied values. Meaning walking the talk!

I'm a soon ICF-credentialed coach, a breathwork and somatics practitioner and an innately curious human. My background is in consulting and as I venture this life path, I enjoy sharing moments of it in my social medial or through talks, to help us all evolve & thrive.

I'm currently offering 1:1 private coaching and small group coaching. I'm also available for tailored corporate trainings and talks. If you'd like to talk more, please don't hesitate to contact me directly HERE. Oh and yes, there's a newsletter subscription option just below, if you're into those (mine are good).

Looking forward to hearing from you,

x Anna

Client testimonials

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"This go-to-market strategy is a straightforward thing to do. We know exactly what we need to do next."

CEO & Founder at a design agency

"This is the best sales pitching presentation I've seen about this topic. And I've probably seen about 50 of these."

Intrapreneur at hospitality industry

"After re-establishing our budget for 2021 and agreeing on new action steps to take to reach our sales target, we felt a lot more confident to take action. I'm now happy to report, as a result of our plan of attack, our February 2021 sales were up - by 286%! "

CEO & Founder at a sports textile business

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