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Hi lovely!

First of all, welcome! My name's Anna and I'm a high-achieving energy ball from Finland, now living in London.

I'm the creator of the Wander Woman Tribe and I'm here to help you unleash the best, most confident version of you. I'm passionate about supporting the shakers and movers of tomorrow to create teams and businesses that are on a mission to leave a legacy.

I do quite a few things so I suggest you take a look around...and have fun!

To your success

x Anna

How could I help you accelerate?

Personal coaching

I work with future leaders - both professionals and business owners - through advising them in the intersection of personal development and the most pressing business challenges, so that these leaders can run high performing, successful businesses. I'm currently pondering the idea of conscious leadership


Inspirational speaking

Public speaking is the no. 1 fear in the world. Well, not mine! I love sharing my experiences and lessons learned with others so that I can help YOU succeed...because then I succeed, too. I love big audiences and like to make my talks immersive - experience is knowledge.

Online training

My business is more or less online and my courses are a way for me to serve an increasingly global audience. It doesn't matter where you are. This is the Online Academy for future that you?


Client love

See what some of my clients say...

"I really loved the course and I feel I got a huge amount of insight and tools that have already been helpful and will continue for sure be valuable on my journey in the future."

Worked with Anna on a group course on confidence

"After working with Anna for 3 months, I have doubled my income, I know where I'm going and I'm much more happier and in control of my life. It's such an exciting time now for my business and I've already achieved half of the things that I set out to for the whole year."

Worked with Anna 1:1 to grow her business

"Anna inspired me and helped me both focus on myself to find what I looked for and also helped me to step back and broaden my view. And as a result I now know what my passion is and I'm working towards it."

Worked with Anna 1:1 to re-direct her career

"It was not only a 5-week course but a start of a life-time journey for reaching my goals and happiness with more confident version of myself."

Worked with Anna on a group course on confidence

Want to get to know me better?

My Podcast Good Vibes Only

The podcast is one of my favourite things and it comes out every Thursday! After 38 episodes (as of November 2019), it's been downloaded about 10,000 times! Thank you :)

This podcast is all about personal development. I have wonderful guests sharing their life journeys and me ranting about topics such as confidence, how to say no, how to deal with conflicting conversations and how to get over fear.

Good Vibes Only can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud

My book the Wander Woman Playbook!

In late 2018 I published my first book, The Wander Woman, through Amazon. 

I was always asked about certain topics - moving abroad, working with men, advancing your career, working in London, traveling - and I decided to put my thoughts into a book!

Available in Amazon at £7 it's a treat for anyone who dreams as big as I do. This book will inspire you to always go after what you want. 

The story behind Wander Woman

It was one summer afternoon I met with a dear friend of mine, Brenda. I had just returned from one of my travels and we were discussing the book (at that point it was still very much work in progress).

Brenda casually said: 'Anna, you're such a wander woman. You're always exploring, enjoying life...and you never stop.

That was it. Wander Woman was born. I love the essence of this woman: she's strong, free and fun. She's just like me...and you. 

For the book, it was my talented ballet friend, illustrator Nina Pirhonen who draw the cover. The branding you see here is created by my former flatmate, the super talented Rebecca Wu-Norman who resides in New York. Thank you for bringing Wander Woman to life x

Online coffees with me?

Want to talk more? Ask questions, explore opportunities...maybe you have a question you think I might be able to help you with?!

Click on the link and this will take you to my Calendly page where you can book your slot. 

My preferred coffee is flat white with almond milk, just that you know :)

Chat soon!

(Ps. please note while I try my best to keep my availability up to speed, I'm still a one woman band so be flexible with me!)

Book your coffees here!




Want to connect with other likeminded Wander Women?

Our Facebook Group is the place to be! It’s the online home for all ambitious women, future leaders, who know that together we'll travel far. 

This is not a talking club only - get weekly FREE training, tools and conversation to make your dreams reality while connecting with me & other Wander Women.

Welcome home, sister x

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