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Hi, I'm Anna

...and I'm here to help women tap into their full potential through courage and confidence

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Hi lovely!

First of all, welcome! My name's Anna and I'm a high-achieving energy ball from Finland with my current homebase in London. 

I'm the creator of the Wander Woman Tribe and my mission is to empower and activate women through my framework of courage, confidence and connection. It's my passion to help women to catch and connect with their dreams and I help women to find their purpose, move on in their careers or get promoted in their current job.

There's a lot happening over here at the moment so suggest you scroll down and take a look around! 

Welcome to the tribe

x Anna

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Get to know how I work...

My framework for all the work I do


Unleash the courage to THINK & DO bigger and different (your own way, boo). Courage to say NO, to be YOU (even if it's quirky!) and to make it work because of it, not despite it.


Gain the confidence in yourself (you CAN do it) and learn new skills so you know HOW to do it. The confidence to be yourself and care a flying EFFFF about what others think.


Being surrounded by likeminded women you can share with, learn from and who are always, ALWAYS happy for your success, no matter how small. #SHESGOTMYBACK

Where to start?

I help women to find their purpose, move on or up on their careers and become confident AF in their lives!

Radiant & Rocking is your online guide for unleashing your confidence

This jam-packed, 4-module self study online course is your personal guide for confidence.

Let go of negative self-talk, believe in yourself more and become more confident in your being & doing. 

Are you ready to unleash more of your potential and go further in life? 

Re-launching Oct 25!

Learn more here

The Wander Woman Sisterhood is the place where women become the most courageous and confident version of themselves

This is the personal development hub for women to work on themselves on a monthly basis while coming together with other amazing women. If you recognise a Wander Woman within, this is the place to be.  

Doors are open now!

Learn more here


Want to connect with other likeminded Wander Women?

Our Facebook Group is the place to be! It’s the online home for all ambitious women who know that community, connection and collaboration are valuable things to have in your back pocket.

Get free trainings and tools to make progress in your own life and connect with Anna & other likeminded Wander Women.

Welcome home, sister x


Sounds great, take me there!

A few other resources...

Podcast! Good Vibes Only

My podcast is exactly what it says on the tin: Good Vibes! New stuff dropping each Thursday - grab your inspiration while on the go!

Good Vibes Only is available on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.

Book! The Wander Woman Playbook

My first book ever! It's full of practical tips to make your dream a reality, move abroad, successfully make it as a woman in a male-dominated world of consulting (and London City) and how to never, ever give up. 

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