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My mission is to help women to step into their authentic power with CONFIDENCE

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Hi lovely!

My name's Anna and I'm a high-achieving energy ball from Finland! I'm a woman on a mission and want to help fellow women - like you! - to harness their confidence. 

I'm the tough (and fun!) cookie, I dance, do yoga, and love great tunes. Coffee, obvs. Have written a book, yay! Busted my a** for a decade in management consulting (how did that happen?!) and have a weird skill to make people do stuff. I love adventure and I always have at least one plane ticket booked :)

Today I teach women how to improve their confidence muscles. I've been building mine over many years and I'm well aware what difference confidence can make in our everyday life! My vision is to have a million-strong tribe of like-minded women who make their dreams reality.

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My Good Vibes Only Podcast!

How about some inspiration each Thursday?

My podcast is exactly what it says on the tin: Good Vibes! This podcast creates a space to share experiences and practical tips how to make our lives more fulfilled - and fun! Grab your inspiration while on the go and be warned: this might just be the most inspirational time of your week!

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Good Vibes Only podcast reaches 1,000 downloads!


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The Wander Woman Playbook

I wrote my first book in 2018 and it became an Amazon bestseller!

The Wander Woman Playbook is about dreaming big, making mistakes and getting right back up while making all the mistakes. Find out how to create lasting, life-changing habits to become the woman you were destined to be.

This book is full of practical tips to make your dream a reality, move abroad, successfully make it as a woman in a male-dominated world of consulting (and London City) and how to never, ever give up. A sure pick-me up when you're feeling a bit meh...

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Want to be empowered without leaving your sofa?

Then this is for you, girlfriend! My online course in Confidence is packed with practical tools and I'm giving with the permission slip to wear your yoga pants :) Find out more when the doors open...

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I work with a limited number of women to go deep to lure that confident Wander Woman out! If you're ready to transform your life and you know you need a guide on that journey, read more and see if you and me are a match!

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Want me to spit my truth from the stage?

Talk is my jam. I'll go deep and don't hesitate to share my vulnerable story...or two. I'm the woman to activate your audience and leave them with an elevated state of energy.

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