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Hi, I'm Anna!

My mission is to inspire, empower and unleash fellow Wander Women to live their best life.

Let's get going!

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The Wander Woman Unstoppable Confidence Course is here!

I'm so excited to announce my first online course is now open for registration!

This is a course on confidence and it's a course I would have taken myself when I moved to London in 2012 if it existed. I believe confidence is a prerequisite for success and this course teaches everything you need to know to lead with confidence in today's work environment. 

I'll bring together both mindset work and actionable tactics to enable future female leaders to show up authentically at work, lead with confidence and manage a myriad of situations with a calm, confident manner. Knowing me, this course will also be super fun!

Join this first-ever online course and make big shifts in your confidence factor in only five weeks.

The doors are open until midnight, 2 June BST and when they close, they will stay closed for a while...

Is it your time now?

Read more and book your spot now!

The doors to my Unstoppable Confidence Course will close in...









Hi there!

I'm a high-achieving energy ball from Finland. A business strategist, coach, Amazon bestselling author and inspirational speaker. The tough cookie. The woman who makes stuff happen. With a smile and a big heart!

I've been around: I'm a ballet dancer from my background, have a Masters in Economics, spent a decade in management consulting and so developed a huge hunger for life. I've  done a bungee jump, jumped from a 40 ft pole and walked on fire - twice!

Today I’m on a personal mission to support fellow women live their best lives - I'm thinking great energy, confidence and doing what we want! I'm building a tribe of likeminded Wander Women who want to create their own success.

You ready?

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How could we work together?

Inspirational speaking

Inspiring and empowering audiences to take action.

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Private coaching

I work with a limited number of women to unleash their potential to the max!

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Online courses

Gain the skills any female leader needs today. Powered by the Wander Woman Tribe.

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Some other ideas to get involved...

Good Vibes Only Podcast

How would you like some inspiration each Thursday?

I started Good Vibes Only to help tackle that well-known problem: sometimes we all get stuck. I share my personal experiences and lessons learned to inspire my audience to take action to live a more fulfilled life.

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The Wander Woman Playbook

I wrote my first book in 2018 and it became an Amazon bestseller!

The Wander Woman Playbook is about dreaming big, making mistakes and getting right back up while making all the mistakes. Find out how to create lasting, life-changing habits to become the woman you were destined to be.

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