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Take a deep breath.

Relax your shoulders. Let your belly soften. Let the tension go off the jaw (there's so much in there, right?!) and just for a moment, let everything be. Just as it is. There's no need to change anything.

Just be.

Just be here for a moment.

Now, put your hand on your heart and feel...

How are you showing up in your life? Do you feel like you can be _you_? Do you know who you are?

Could you say you're living your values? That your daily actions represent who you really are? 

Are you consistently and intentionally stepping outside your comfort zone for growth or are you keeping yourself small? 

Ok... Come back to your body & breathe.


There are no right or wrong answers. These are just observations of where you are in this very moment.


The more fascinating question for us to explore is:

"Where is it that you want to go from here?"


Let's take a step back


We're living a time we've never experienced


The world is spinning quicker. We are expected to be & do more and to navigate increasing complexity inside us, reflecting the demands of our external world.

While in many ways we are a lot richer than those who came before us, we are also more stressed & anxious than ever before.

This time is placing a magnifying glass on our capability to look after ourselves and not get lost in the world.


Today, the number one priority for anyone who wants success (the real one that feels good too, not only looks like it), is the deep cultivation of inner work.


Meaning defining who you are and then committing to it. This work will transform the world we live in, for us and the generations to come.

It's all about who you are

Why I encouraged you to get into your body on the top of this page was because that's where it all starts. And as it happens, you're a lot more than your head, where most of us like to live.

Look closer and we can see it's all energy - you and the chair you're sat on, even your thoughts and actiona carry energy - and this is what most people don't realise.

Most people don't consider that we can actually choose our thoughts, feelings and actions. Sure, it can be challenging but some are doing it...and if you look at their lives, how do they seem to be doing?

Indeed, most of us walk about our lives, unconsciously thinking, feeling and acting - and when 'bad' stuff happens, we seem to be completely surprised by what's going on.

The moment we start noticing and applying intention to our inner world, everything changes. I'm sure you know all this already BUT - today it's not enough to know, we need to know HOW.

And I'm here to share with you the HOW. It's time to get to work.

It's time to do the work

Let's go



Leadership energetics

An immersive 8-week journey for individuals who understand it's the inner work that makes the outside work. People who are curious about their inner landscape and how they can consciously & intentionally work with their own energy.  People who are willing to play a bigger role at their work, in their communities, in the larger web of life. True players, hey!


This is the first time energetic work is used for cultivating leaders this world needs. Leaders who: 

Leaders who know themselves and stand firmly in their truth

When we develop our self-awareness to observe oneself & others in action, the game changes: we can start choosing how to act, rather than habitually react. The ego-game is over and we can see how we indeed contribute to all outcomes in our lives. When we then conscisouly declare who we wish to be, it makes a solid foundation to everything we do.

Leaders who know how to cultivate their energy

Instead of stress management, we focus on intelligent energy hygiene: how to manage, nurture and cultivate energy reserves. Knowing what gives vs. takes energy and developing practises to constantly hone our energy reserves for optimal performance in the moment. This work also supports clear boundaries and effective communications.

Leaders who know how to shift their energy

We often need to shift gears throughout the day but have not practised how. Skills for emotional regulation and managing those energy reserves come in handy in conflict and unseen events. We learn that how we are in any situation (in our energy), co-regulates those around us.

Become a leader - a consequence, rather than a cause

As we work on the insides, over time it naturally translates to our thoughts, feelings and action. And when we have taken this responsibility. of self, it becomes natural for us to support others, in many forms. We have developed leadership-like qualities, such as: 

This course is your introduction to step on this path of inner work



What does this look like in practise?

This work is a combination of inner work and external, 'real life stuff'.

Meaning that we'll get intimate with our thoughts, feelings and actions through eg meditation, breath, journaling and other forms of self-reflection. The inner.

We'll also use your real life events as a catalyst for change - looking at what is _really_ going on and how can you cultivate your response to that situation. The outer.

As you are given access to energy practises + new ways of approaching your self and your life (as per above), these will start shifting you and how you see your life.

This is neuroplastic change in action - meaning you are re-wiring your habitual nature into the direction where you'd really like to go.

And because we combine the typical top-down talk stuff with bottom-up body work, it all becomes more powerful, efficient - and fun!

This is a small group of people coming together once a week for 8 weeks and so bringing accelerated growth into their lives.

How does this 8 weeks look like for you?

Your commitment

I'll support you to articulate your vision for yourself and help you connect with practises to support you on this journey throughout these 8 weeks. This commitment is an integral part of your journey you keep returning to daily.

Weekly gathering

We'll gather on Zoom each week for 75 minutes. I'll do a bit of teaching, too (see more below) and then we'll practise - we'll do all sorts of practises plus you can bring your real life challenges to the table so we can apply what we're learning.

Your own practise

I truly believe we are what we do daily and in this course you'll start gathering & honing your personal tool box to undertake change. (Don't worry it can be 5 mins!) I'm sure you'll start seeing more opportunities in your daily life to apply your learnings.

WhatsApp group

We'll setup a WhatsApp group for us to share things between calls - support, questions and fun! This is in important rigour to make sure the new lessons stay on top of your mind daily and so solidify change.

Tools you will be learning:

  • Self-reflection skills: how to raise your self-awareness and observe yourself in action (eg Tolle, adult development theory)
  • Tools for energy management: management, nourishment and cultivation of your energy reserves (eg embodiment work)
  • Emotional self-regulation tools (great for eg stress) based on presence and breathwork (eg HeartMath science)

The modalities/tools we use include speech/talk, embodiment & movement, breathwork, and neuroscientific (eg journaling)

Overview to our weekly agenda


1&2 Commitment & energy mgmt basics

Articulate your commitment (who you desire to be) and accompanying embodiment practises.

Hone your own (home) energy and learn how to return to it, no matter what.

3&4 Energy in relation to others

Learn to stay at your own energy and being able to act from it (rather than being swayed by what's going on around you)

 Emotional regulation and energy play to serve the situation at hand (eg ramp up, cool down). 

5&6 Cultivating energy in the new

New results require new energy: new thoughts, feelings and actions. Conscious practise for increased confidence, and how to work with & benefit from fear.

We will learn to sit with challenging feelings to use them for our growth.


7&8 Practise & integration

Deepen your practise to make the work stick.

See and reflect on the shifts emerged during these 8 weeks and create new narratives to support your journey onwards.

...and...celebration time!


Want to see more what LE is about?

Tune into my IG lives for more - Click the image for the IG live!

Energy impacts outcomes

Did you know you energy & intention will change the outcome of any event? In this live I share how we can tweak our energy (thoughts, feelings) and so create a completly different outcome. 11 minutes of gold! WATCH HERE

Embodying change

A deep dive into what an 'embodiment change' can mean in practise - click the image or click HERE and learn how to make any change journey more meaningful, predictable and sustainable.  

Daily energetic work

A quick 15 min talk about how we can approach energy (our thoughts, feelings, moods) daily and how to incorporate embodiment work into our busy lives and what it can look like in practise. Fun - and practical! Tune in HERE

Coming soon...

Hi, I'm Anna

...if we haven't met! I am many things and for this purpose, I'm a soon-to-be ICF-credentialed coach, a heart-brain breathwork expert, and totally passionate  🙃

In my past life, as I often lovingly call it, I worked in management consulting, often with CEOs and leadership teams, hence my curiosity towards people and (great) leadership.

Now I geek on serving others. My work with my clients is not only about getting results but who you become in the process. I vision a world with more love, compassion and gratitude and am committed to cultivating these qualities in my work 💖

Scary to some, my work takes the body along, too as I see change through the body is quicker, more reliable and sustainable. I also use the science of neuroplasticity to make these change journeys more meaningful and joyous.

I'm truly excited about his course and you know, it's going to be a wild ride.  Expect to be challenged, nurtured, accepted and loved. This work will shift you - and be a lot of fun, just because that's how I like things 😉

See you there,

x Anna

My cry for leaders

Today, it's not only enough to know, we need to know how

The world is crying for people who are strong in their core, who have integrity-filled values and who walk the talk. 

Our workplaces, communities and families need leaders who have done & are committed to their inner work and can act skilfully from choice, not ego. We need leaders who can deeply understand and focus troops towards a direction. We desperately need leaders who have the ability to pull together, not apart, especially in times of conflict.


Who are these leaders, then?


This is the thing. We must come to realise that there's no one coming to save us but it is up to each one of us to choose & commit, from the depths of our heart, to do our own work so we can serve, both ourselves and this world.

This means you, me - everyone who resonates with this call. This is no practise dry run but this is your life. This is the time to do the work.


Leadership Energetics Investment

Please note this group is limited to max 10 people


Paid at once

The entire 8-week experience: weekly Zoomz, homework, WhatsApp community

This is me!


Totalling at £598

Includes all the same stuff - just paid in two monthly instalments

I'd like this!

It's a solid YES for you to join if you...

  • Are curious about self and open to challenge yourself
  • Want to actively attend the experience - this is not passive learning but a proactive participation and experiencing from you
  • Have self-discipline to commit to daily embodiment & self-reflection practise
  • Have an open mind and a positive vibe!

Please note there is no need to be a 'leader' by title - in this instance, leadership is a quality, not a role.

Q&A and other important details

We'll start on w/c 8 November 2021 and go for 8 weeks, all the way to the end of 2021!

The calls will take place on Mondays at 4pm London / 5pm CET / 6pm Finland and they will last for 75 mins.

I will send an audio recording of each call to your email so you can return to it if you missed a session or want to tune in again.

Yes it's all in English - and just that you know, I'm not a native speaker myself so this is an absolutely safe zone to hone your language skills, too.

That's ok, nothing to worry. The main thing is YOU - if you join the weekly calls and do your practises, you're all set.

Let's pause: take a breath and see how you're feeling. Does this work feel important to you and your life? Does this feel like something you must do? Do you feel this work will help you in your life in some way?

How does your body answer? Is it a yes? Maybe? No?

No - that's easy, don't join. You won't get the benefits. If it's a yes - what are you still wondering about 😉 If it's a maybe, I personally like to sleep on it and then review again.

The point is - you know what you want but what you choose to do, is another thing.

You can pay in two ways: in full or in two monthly payments, whatever you choose.

The payment links are above and the payment is absolutely secure, done online through major debit and credit cards. You will be charged in GBP and you can easily Google what the amount is in your home currency. You will receifve a receipt of successfull purchase in your inbox.

Please note, if you pay in two instalments, you still need to only process the payment once: the second instalment will be automatically credited from your account exactly one month after you made the intial payment.

Firstly, I trust you make an informed (enthusiastic!) decision and don't have an expectation for a refund when you sign up!

I've never had anyone dropping out in the past years because they didn't like it, however I honour my clients and their situation and am always happy to discuss if you're not happy. Aka what I'm saying if you have a valid reason, you can have a partial refund, depending on how much of the course has lapsed.

Ok, cool. Currently the only other option to work with me is in 1:1 private capacity. You can reach me through my contact form and let's take it from there!



 Is it time to wake up from the unconscious


Most of us live completely unconscious and have no idea what we're thinking or feeling. Remember, our thoughts and feelings carry energy, so the more we become aware of that, the more we can consciously direct our energy towards what matters to us.

 We cannot afford to live on autopilot.

We need people who are wide awake, have chosen their values and live from them, each day, even when it is challenging AF.


If you're called towards this work, I'm looking forward to supporting you.


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