Hone your communication skills to become a powerhouse of a communicator, presenter, influencer & listener at work

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x Anna

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Does this sound a bit too familiar to you?

  • You might find it hard to speak up in work meetings and voice your opinions
  • Then when you do speak up, sometimes it feels like you're not listened to. You might be wondering if you're lacking credibility.
  • There are times you feel like you just freeze - you're not sure what to say and then if you say something, you wonder if it was the wrong thing...and then you start second-guessing yourself
  • You feel like people don't like when you say 'no' - that said, you don't want to be a doormat and would like to have more boundaries
  • It would be cool to speak up more, and just have a more naturally ingrained confidence

I see women making these 3 mistakes way too often... 

  • Thinking 'this is the way I am' and so succumbing to passive behaviour (like not speaking up or saying no). The science of neuroplasticity suggests our brains and minds are malleable ie we can train ourselves to a new behaviour. You can be a great communicator with a natural and confident style - but it's you who must open up your mind to this suggestion first.
  • Not going outside your comfort zone with intention & on the regular. Honestly, you've conditioned yourself into the version you are today…and mmmm it's lovely in there, isn't it? However, continuing the habit of eg not speaking up is keeping you stuck in your box. Getting uncomfortable intentionally and basically practising your future today is a far better strategy and will help you move the needle quicker (through experience).
  • Not knowing basic biology and neuroscience. Our brains are the most amazing, complex computer there's ever been - however, not many know how to really harness its secret powers. Learning how to manage our 'animal' like behaviour and our reptile brain (eg when you freeze) is one of the biggest favours we can do to ourselves to start to use our vast potential.

What if this could be you?

Energetically attractive

She has nice vibes about her - no matter the circumstances - and people appreciate her, her ideas and opinions. There's ease, clarity and confidence in her comms.

Flexible communicator

She's able to switch between styles naturally: from planned presentations to  surprise situations when things go south. And she makes it look natural.


Emotionally cool

She never seems to lose her marbles. Quite the opposite, actually: even when situations (or people!) heat up, she's able to think creatively and find solutions.

Clear boundaries

She knows how to prioritise her work and will say no when she must. The funny thing is, that even when she disagrees, it just comes out...right. How does she do that?

Comfortable with the CEO

She's comfortable with anyone, no matter their title. Even the CEO is impressed! That said, she's always going for a win-win and doesn't make others feel like losers.

High integrity & empathy

She's definitely a person of high-integrity and her tone is always inclusive. That's definitely one reason why people like her - she's living her life according to her values.

I have great news...



The Sisterhood 2021 edition

Your online membership to work on your comms skills & connect with a fab community of fellow female leaders


Our focus for the year 2021: 

Become a powerhouse of a communicator, presenter, influencer and listener at work

Sisterhood is the online community for female leaders: a combination of Zoom video calls, on-demand video and journaling exercises, Facebook hub and self-reflection - all geared towards making you a more impactful communicator at work.

Everything you need to get your communications skills to the level of mastery is waiting for you here, inside the Sisterhood!


Curious? Keep scrolling for more...

What's the agenda for 2021?

The focus this year is mastering communications at work. The year is divided into 4 modules - click into each module to read more!

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to participate in any conversation with your entire being
  • Learn how to really listen and be present before you do anything
  • Practise how to speak up in a short & sharp manner and with credibility
  • Practise how to become a problem-solver who can keep things moving forward

...and a lot more!

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to prime yourself & your energy for maximum impact
  • Learn how to 'read the room' and engage with any audience (even the tough crowd)
  • Learn how to structure your message so that the audience buys in
  • Practise 'surprise' situations (aka when things don't go according to plan)

...and a lot more!

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to ask for anything
  • Learn how to establish and keep boundaries - eg saying no
  • Learn how to meet people where they are and seek to understand where they come from
  • Practise how to handle conflict situations in a cool, calm and collected manner
  • Practise how to remain neutral even when things heat up

...and a lot more!

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to influence people and move them towards desired outcomes
  • Learn how to always begin with the end in mind
  • Practise positive language and re-framing even the hardest of situations
  • Practise how to get into your own flow state to create, think better, and trouble-shoot in everyday work life

...and a lot more!

What's included in your membership?

LIVE Sister Circle

In my opinion, this is the best part! We get together each month for a 90-minute Zoom call: to reflect on the monthly topic, ask questions, and share experiences. Get your prob solved or just come and enjoy the vibes - guaranteed you'll leave refreshed, every time. 

Library & Facebook

Every month you'll receive new content into your personal online library you can access 24/7. I'll share a few thought-provoking ideas + journaling prompts that won't leave you cold. You can also continue the convo in our private FB group.

Self inquiry

The call, online videos & FB chats lead to one thing: an increase in self-awareness. When you learn to observe how you feel, think, speak and act through these self-reflection moments, it becomes apparent what you can improve - and I'll provide you with some tools.

Fun bonuses

As a valued member, you'll receive special treatment - the silky glove kind! We're always organising fun things over here, eg full moon meditations are on the cards for 2021! Be & impact at the forefront of a growing female leader empowerment tribe.

How do we approach learning?

My teachings come from the intersection of these elements

Mindset & Brain

So far, you're used to thinking and seeing things in a certain way - basically nurturing the same neural pathways in your brain over and over again, leading to a certain behaviour. To train your brain & mindset (which, btw, is possible) will allow 'seeing' things through multiple lenses and various levels of awareness. This is helpful in life, not only because it will cultivate better management of energy, emotions & stress.


Heart & Energetics

I'm all about energy - did you know our heart's energy field is bigger than that of the brain? Indeed, we're always sending out vibes, even when we cannot physically see them. I believe it's our heart that not only points us to our truth & integrity but also enables emotions and so creates this unique expression of human life. Today, we must be emotionally intelligent to live a fulfilled life - and to succeed in anything we do.

Practical application

I often say: you only know it when you're doing it. Fancy theory means nothing unless you apply what you've learned. And repetition is the mother of skill. Really, in 2021 it's about mastering things through your own experience. And FYI: I'm a simple woman and like to make things practical (and fun!) to make it compelling for you to change your feeling/thought/word/action. (Warning: I'm going to make you to do s***.)

What benefits can you expect from the Sisterhood?

You've now seen the agenda and the various forces that come to play in the Sisterhood. Next, I wanted to briefly describe those benefits I wish to you to experience as a part of this special tribe:

Taking full responsibility of yourself. All of it: feelings, thoughts, words and actions. Starting to see how your being & communications impacts people around you - and when you change anything in your how you engage with others, your environment responds accordingly.

In here, we're not passive. Rather, we step up, speak up and do stuff. You can literally see the impact you can create, sometimes only by showing up with your authentic energy and selecting your tone & words more carefully.

You will become better at regulating your emotions - because now you can observe them. Learning how to be neutral for better thinking and precise decision-making. There will be less people ruining your mojo (well, there might not but now, they cannot get under your skin anymore).

You'll connect with the version of you that is genuinely empathic, gorgeous woman (that you already are!) and learn how to embody more of her when you go about your daily life. When you feel like this, your comms is going to be on point.

Finally - the Sisterhood is fun! Not only are you going to learn from other women's experiences but you're also going to connect with fellow powerhouses who will inspire & motivate you and whom you can learn from.  

If you feel that this speaks to you, I encourage you to step out of your current box and expand yourself - join this special Tribe of women now!

See what some of the current members are saying

I asked them (in Dec 2020): "What's your highlight for Sisterhood - eg best takeaway, biggest a-ha moment, most impactful lesson learned...?"

"Understanding that I am enough! One day I had the aha moment that many of my actions and actions not taken have been caused by the belief that I am not good enough! Since then I have taken stirct actions to re wire my brain. This year I have started to choose for myself, act and think like a leader, Just thinking bigger about myself. I take intuitive actions and not doubt myself. I have developed my routines and, gosh, this has been such a good year! Main thanks goes to this sisterhood which have made me realise that better thinking enables better life! I am so grateful."

"Where your focus goes your energy flows. Might as well tattoo that on my body. 😁"

"Biggest takeaway is that I’m a work in progress. I don’t need to know where I’m heading as long as I show up and am willing to work with my energy and improve my thinking. I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. Less is more and done is better than perfect. ❤️"

"How we are capable of anything if we just dare to do it. Basically referring to our limiting beliefs of ourselves."

"I think it is all the learnings that mostly build up on the previous ones. I think to feel good about this, it needs the same thing as being coached by someone on 1to1 - the active work you need to do and be able to reflect back on your own thinking and behavior patterns. Without your own work in between the meetings, videos etc, you might not see all the benefits in this."

"I can change the way I feel, I don't need to dwell in the emotions forever. And also that I can change the way I feel about for example giving presentations."

"The power of breathing, that it is possible to grow new pathways to my brain - so it is important to be kind to myself as well as others, that I can change my mood intentionally for example from fear to excitement, that we are Human BEINGS to mention a few. Also state-story-strategy and where we focus our energy flows."

"The circles are the highlight of each month! I really enjoy when we make sure that we are fully present by doing some meditation in the beginning of each circle. As being present is so crucial whatever you wish to do in life. Also giving your time to someone else the most valuable thing there is (and vise versa) so make sure that you are present & your energy is on point."

"Can't think of something specific now, but what I absolutely LOVE is the energy during the Circle, and the good ideas/suggestions that come out during that moment together."

What is the investment for your membership? 

The Sisterhood is based on a low monthly investment. Please note you must join for 6 months minimum.


What you'll get as part of your monthly membership: 

>> Our live Zoom call & coaching with the entire Sisterhood (value £111)

>> Video & journaling on communication topic (as described above) (value £67)

>> Access to our private Facebook Group (freaking priceless!)

>> Other bonuses, eg special occasions like full moon meditations


The total value is over £200 monthly, however your investment today is...

Monthly membership


Charged each month unless you cancel

Sign up to the waitlist!

Oh and... Let's not forget your exclusive bonus!

When you join... The entire 2020 Sisterhood library is yours!

Indeed, the whole Sisterhood journey of 2020 is immediately available to you when you sign up - a lot of insightful material in your online library, absolutely free of charge

Perhaps you need to optimise your LinkedIn bio, learn how to manage your team, or practise how to overcome fears - it's all there for you, videos and workbooks - and it's goooooood!

(Valued at £2,136)


...and I'm the founder & CEO of the Wander Woman Movement!

I did a decade-long career in management consulting, most of it in London City. My career taught me a lot - let's just say that moving to London in 2012 was like a jump into the deep end and it profoundly changed me and how I look at life: I def believe we can do so much more we think we're capable of!

I created the Sisterhood for two reasons: firstly, online communities like this are an excellent way to create new, likeminded connections and so raise our standards quickly (we are who we hang out with!). Secondly, as our professional lives get more demanding and vulnerable by the day, it is important to gather those vital skills and traits that will lead us to success, no matter what the external circumstances are.

Indeed, my London consulting projects taught me that without great comms, there won't be success - for anyone. Genuine connections with others are needed to build great teams, fab collaboration and high-performance businesses. Indeed, did you know that research suggests up to 70% of business mistakes originate from miscommunications?! Surely we cannot afford that silliness (us being shy to ask for clarification, or not speaking up when we should) to keep us away from success?


Anyhow, here I am to teach you from my own experience; from dealing in a high-pressure business context, with demanding clients, conflicts and ever-changing that you are equipped to a vast array of situations in your own work life.

2021 is going to be awesome and this group of women is very dear to my heart - if you choose to join, I'm here first in line welcoming you!

x Anna

Ps. I must brag a bit - you'll be benefiting from my new skillsets in the Sisterhood this year as I'll be certified as a HeartMath heart-brain coherence coach and a Brain Health Coach. We won't be short of tools!

Is this right for you?

The Sisterhood is just for you IF...

  • You're a professional woman who is taking her skillset seriously and proactively develops herself in multiple areas.
  • You like the idea of taking radical responsibility for yourself - no time to blame others or to be the victim.
  • You're open to be coached - building self-awareness and taking ownership of areas to be further strengthened.
  • You're proactive in nature, initiating your own experience in the Sisterhood - I'll be holding the space but not checking your homework. You're responsible for your learning.
  • You're open to opinions that might be very different from yours: we're a gorgeously diverse tribe and appreciate each others for that.

Why is now the time?

I know not everyone can spend thousands of dollars/euros/pounds on their personal development. The Sisterhood is my initiative to create an opportunity for you: to provide an affordable option for women to work on their professional skills without a four- or a five-figure investment. 

That's why I created the Sisterhood - so that you can work on your own personal development with as little as £1.50 per day. That's less than a cup of fancy coffee...and the effect of the Sisterhood lingers around way longer, believe me!

I hope you prioritise yourself, create time for updating & adding to your skillset...and jump right in!


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Still got some questions?

Not to worry - I've got answers!

The calls take place during weekdays afternoon/evening time (in Central Europe). I will keep you updated on the next few months' schedule so you can book the time from your diary early.

If you cannot make it, that's cool - the calls are always recorded and uploaded into your online library within 48 hours after the call. You can also re-watch these calls anytime.

I've crafted the Sisterhood for the busy professional woman - all the content is short, sharp and straight to the point, giving you a great return on your investment.

The monthly videos are typically between 15-30 minutes plus we get together for our 90-minute call. 

That's the time you'll spend - what I'd add is that Sisterhood is built for you to take things into action and so you'll be saving your nerves, time and effort in your professional life :)

Yes it's all in English - and you know what, I'm not a native speaker either!

The one cool thing about Wander Woman is that we're a very international bunch - at the moment the Sisters represent probably about 10 different nationalities

And if nothing else...this is a safe space for you to practise your English language skills! I remember when I started and I was so worried about my language I made a GAZILLION mistakes. I know how you feel and I also know IT WILL GET BETTER. Believe me, you're good to go!

That's ok, nothing to worry. I will be emailing you with all the key details anyways plus your online library dashboard will highlight key information, too.

That said, you will miss some of the conversation however, the most vital pieces of the Sisterhood (in my opinion) are the call and the videos.

The minimum time to join the Sisterhood is 6 months. Why I've put this limit in place is because it's my experience this type of light-touch work requires some time before you start to see benefits - and I want you to see them! That said, there is no upper limit so you're welcome to stay as long as the Sisterhood keeps going!

Just that you know, you'll get the biggest benefit if you stay for the whole year - that's how I've built the curriculum. Also, I'm sure you're aware that personal development and building new habits take time: the longer you stay the more repetition and practice you'll get. 

Please know there are no 'penalties' should you cancel your membership prior to the 6 month mark but I sincerely hope you honour the work I put in for you and commit to your membership accordingly - that is, for 6 months minimum.

The investment is £44 a month and after you've done the payment through the payment link on this site, you will automatically be charged on the following month, on the very same day you made the first payment. So, you only need to pay once and the rest is taken care of!

Finally, if you wish to change your payment card details / change to another card at any point later, you can do that easily through your member portal.

Please know the Sisterhood is only open two times for new members in 2021 - in January and then in June.

If you'd like to get your hands on the entire curriculum and actually learn & practise this stuff, I would suggest you get in now. 

First of all, I hope you make an informed investment decision. I've tried to provide sufficient information on this page so you're well aware what's coming your way!

That said, if you decide you don't like your membership during the first 30 days and can show me you've tried (watched the videos, joined the conversation either in our call or in FB), I'm happy to refund your first month's payment. Please know after that there are no refunds from previous months. Please also know once you cancel, you will lose access to your online library immediately.

Hear hear!

I currently only offer a 1:1 opportunity to work with me on a private capacity - if you'd be interested in exploring that, please contact me directly at anna @

That said, 2021 is bringing some new, exciting content into the Wander Woman Tribe! To stay up to date on the latest, subscribe to my NEWSLETTER and you won't miss out!

Read for some of the post-live-session feels in our community

Shh....this is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you won't find anywhere else...

Before you go - are you really going to miss out all of THIS...

FUN FUN FUN! Have you been to those personal development courses full of theory and boring AF? Yeah well, this is not anything like that! In here, we make things fun, our Zooms are something you look forward to - and not another boring ticking the box exercise you don't want to do.

COMMUNITY VIBEZZZ. Another aspect of fun - consider likeminded women from whom you can learn from, be inspired by - some of them might even become your friends (I've seen that happen!). When you enter this tribe...this is where you belong.

AS PRACTICAL AS IT CAN GET. I've seen too much (smart) stuff that doesn't apply in real life. In the Sisterhood, we keep the teachings straight to the point and so practical that you can implement it all right away - and see for yourself how much you can impact your own work life. Be sure I'll use my decade-long experience in London City and the toughest of situations for your benefit (you don't need to make the same mistakes I made). 

MINDSET CHALLENGING. While practical, it's not only about learning new tricks. You're also here to challenge how you look at things - perhaps you'll develop your perspective, change it or abandon it - in any case, you won't be just putting off fires but you learn how to deal with fire in the first place. 

TIME EFFICIENT. You're busy. That I know for sure. You're also ambitious and want to make sure you're working on yourself. The Sisterhood is like the amount of goodness in the Universe squeezed into a bitesize piece (cooked by moi), so that you can invest minimal time...and experience maximum impact. No excuses.

Congrats, you made it to the end of the page which, OBVIOUSLY, is a sign :)

Friend, we're heading into a time of more uncertainty, vulnerability and chaos. The only person you can trust is yourself. Trust is increased by a skillset that will serve you, even when s*** hits the fan (as my boss elegantly put it).

Let me teach you all the critical tools of the trade - in the Sisterhood.

Yes - I'll pop my name on the waitlist!

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