/hak/ "Break into systems or software"

Does this sound familiar?

  • I do not know how to put my skills in words and my self-confidence is not the best in this moment…
  • I struggle to believe that I will get my dream job
  • I'm having a burn out from work and I need to find new direction for my career
  • To find peace balancing a professional mindset and career with the hope of a family with more children. Confidence for my path.
  • I kind of know that I am good in what I do (now meaning worklife), but still I often have doubts about that I CAN
  • I'm doubting my abilities and am a bit insecure in my profession as a lawyer
  • To have the confidence to apply for the job that I want
  • Trying to figure out what is my next career move and how to get there. Confidence boost wouldn't hurt.
  • Long-lasting struggle with self confidence and 'imposter syndrome'
  • I feel I have been put down (typically by men) and have not been given the opportunity to show my potential

I know how you feel...

...because I've been there!

Confidence is such a tricky topic, isn't it?! And you'll hate me for saying this but I'm going to say it anyways: CONFIDENCE IS AN INNER GAME.

That's right, it's really about your beliefs and mindset how you approach life and daily situations. For many of us, the beliefs and habits we have taken on (ages ago and often 'accidentally') can be very disempowering and in today's world, we need a radically different mindset. 

This confidence mindset combined with super-practical tips how to approach the most common situations and events in life are the SECRET RECIPE. 

Want to figure out your own recipe with someone who's been there & done that? You're in the right place, keep reading...

Would you like to feel like this?

  • Get confidence in work life; get the respect in professional life and act as a confident and courageous woman.
  • Be more self confident and speak out.
  • Influence and lead others.
  • Be more confident as a leader.
  • Claim the opportunity to show my potential.
  • Grow to the next level and become more confident.

This course - CONFIDENCE HACKER - will give you everything you need to unlock the next level confidence in you

The Confidence Hacker will equip you with this...

Mindset framing

When you change how you look at things, the things you look at, change. 

To me, sustainable change starts with the mindset. I always, always work with the mind to create a sustainable change that feels empowering TO YOU. Emotions, thoughts and energy are at the core to unlock your authentic way of being confident - for example, I'll help you to find your own way of saying NO. When you get these building blocks right, everything feels a lot easier. To me, you must be MORE YOU, and not copy someone else. 

Practical stuff

Have a challenging boss? Want to make yourself heard? Have a tough time getting a promotion?

Great, you're in the right place. The mindset work is there to support you to approach everything from a empowering angle and when we combine this with practical stuff like communications, influencing, and leadership skills (incl. challenging situations b/c let's face it there's plenty!), you're actually in a position to put a lot of stuff from this course into action right away. I want you to benefit from the course from DAY ONE.

Self reflection & inner work

Inner work turns to outer success! Oh and you can be anywhere in the world to do this work 🥰

We get together on coaching calls weekly plus you have your online library with 4 modules and journaling prompts. I've found this way of working (independently + reflecting with others) gives you the biggest breakthroughs. I have no idea what your truth is but I can ask you challenging questions. You do the work, I facilitate the process and provide you with the inspirational environment to experience "A-HA!" moments over and over again. 

Be honest with yourself: if you were more confident, what would be possible for you?

Overview to the course

Below are the key ingredients on your path to more confidence

  • Weekly 60 minute Zoom calls. For 6 weeks in a row we'll get together for some fun, paradigm shifts and learning. I've found that the MAGIC happens in this GROUP of WOMEN - you'll make new friends and see that everyone else is struggling, too... Bring your toughest questions and get the biggest breakthroughs EACH WEEK. This I know - after all, I've been there to experience it.
  • 4 modules in your online library. The Wander Woman platform is pretty cool - you can study from the comfort of your home whenever you wish! For every 4 modules there's a video and some journaling prompts so that you can do the necessary inner work required for outer success. The modules will be released each week during the course and you can do the work anytime - the modules don't necessarily need to be completed for the weekly call (although that is helpful!).
  • Our own WhatsApp group chat for support, updates and FUN! As said, this is a magical group of women and peer support makes this course even more powerful. We'll establish our own WhatsApp group and there we can ask questions, get support and I'll also share any latest Wander Woman stuff so that you don't miss anything and keep nourishing your brain with useful stuff.
  • My support and guidance. Please know my clients are PRIORITY for me! During the course I'm there to help you any way I can. The more openly and honestly you approach the course, the more I can help you. Remember, your success is my success and you can trust I will meet you half way. 

A word from your fellow sisters

Here's a few lovely worlds from your fellow Wander Woman students from my earlier confidence courses...

"Thank you Anna for being an amazing coach. This course has opened my eyes and mind and body. Thank you for being so personable, approachable and patient. You made such an effort to make the content relevant to anyone's personal circumstances. Not just in the workbook but especially in the weekly calls. So glad I went on this course. I thank you tribe leader. Proud to be a wander woman xxx"


"I really loved the course and I feel I got a huge amount of insight and tools that have already been helpful and will continue for sure be valuable on my journey in the future. Anna’s approach is wonderful, she is extremely supportive, but also pushed us to dig deeper and aim higher. I’m truly grateful I had the opportunity to take this course with other amazing wander women."


"The combination of weekly calls (with honest feedback from you and other students) and the online material (both videos and the PDFs) provided fuel for all of my engines - meaning that having different kind of ways approaching interesting topics and themes was the key for me. Those kind of pushed me to do the work throughout the course."


"What a great decision it was to participate this course! So many great things that I learned! It was full of great content, practical tools and tips, inspiring coaching sessions, and wonderful group of women with similar challenges. It was not only a 5 weeks course, but a start of a life-time journey for reaching my goals and happiness with more confident myself."


The 4 modules in your private online library

Module 1. Self love

Love yourself the way you are NOW, building on your unique strengths

Upgrade your 'model of the world' to be --> have

Learn how to work past your limiting beliefs and update your 'software' (imposter syndrome see you never!)

Identify your own way of being confident - working with feminine & masculine energies


Module 2. Own the room

Be intentional and communicate with confidence

The power of thought - negative self-talk stops here!

The forgotten part of confidence: connect with your body and unlock the secret part of you to communicate confidence whenever you want

Become intentional and create your desired outcomes


Module 3. Keep your cool w/ others

How to be confident and influence others with success

Understand why people behave the way they do and what you can do about it (tip: nothing!)

Learn how to step into your power anytime, in any situation, through controlling your brain

Establish boundaries and find your way of saying NO

Successfully work with different (organisation) cultures and masculine / patriarchal environments


Module 4. Unlock more of you

Build the confidence & courage to go further in life

Learn what energy and Law of Attraction have to do with confidence

The biggest favour you can do to yourself: ask better questions

The art of tiptoeing beyond your comfort zone at all times

The 101 of a Confident Mindset - the key reminders to hack your confidence mindset any day


Would you like to get answers to these questions?

Download my live session where I go through all this...plus some more fun confidence stuff! 🎁

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How do I sign up?!

And what's the investment...look here ⬇️


Are you ready to hack your confidence?

The March 2020 class starts real soon, on w/c 2 March, 2020! 

What you'll get if you join the Confidence Hacker:

  • 6 weekly Zoom calls
  • 4 modules in your online library - you can keep these babies forever! 
  • Our own WhatsApp group for interaction with the group
  • Anna's support during the course

And all this for 2 monthly payments of £225 (total of £450). 

The admission is by application only, so please email me at [email protected] to request your space on the course! I will then email you all the details and the link to online payment. Super easy!

Also if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, I'm here for you and want to make sure this is the right course for you 💖



Confidence is an inner game.

Are you ready to look inside you?

Hi fellow ambitious woman,

You might be wondering if it's really possible for you. To become confident AF I mean. Abso-effing-lutely! 

I want to tell you something: when I was about ten, my biggest dream was to become a ballerina. A few years later I was told I was too 'fat' and 'tall' for this sport.

In that moment, when my dream and passion was sliding away from me, I realised I am NOT going to let anyone else define my reality.

This one principle has stuck with me since.

And it has taken me far: from Finland to London, working in management consultancy and now for Tony Robbins, all the way to starting my own business (today I'm coaching over 50 women from 10 different countries!).

For me, it's a priority that I'm in charge of my own life. I call the shots. I create the opportunities.

I won't lie, the road has been rocky and it's been a lot of work. It still is! And today, it's my mission to help you any way I can when it comes to your confidence.

Working with me is challenging, fun and paradigm-shifting. If you feel like you're being called to do this work, I'd love to see you in this course.

x Anna

Is this course for me?

YES if you tick 40% of the following 😂

  • Want to truly STEP to the next level in your work & life
  • Want to do things YOUR OWN WAY and don't want to wait for permission any more
  • Want to look deeper into yourself & things and expand as a woman

NO if you're more like this

  • You prefer an easy, plaster-like solution - I don't have the answer for you
  • You don't like to be challenged but think it's your way or the highway
  • Your modus operandi is blaming others or being a victim

Got questions?

We've got answers!

The March 2020 course commences on w/c 2 March. 

We will aim to have the Zoom call on a set day and currently we are looking at Mondays, around 6pm GMT. This might change, depending on the Wander Women registering on the course. Since we're a small group we are able to make some adjustments. 

If you have a question around this I ask you to please email me and I can talk with you further.

Sure...so, I'd recommend you download my live training above first and watch it! 

If you like the live, you'll love the course! And if you're still hesitating, please drop me a note and let's discuss together! You can find me across all social media handles under my name Anna Kuusela or [email protected] Let's figure it out together! 

Great question! 

So, the calls are 60 minutes a week. Then you have 4 modules which each include a 30-40 minute video and some reflection / journaling on top of that.

So you're looking to spend about 1-2 hours on this course...that said, because I love action so this course will impact your life - you start noticing new things, making mental notes, changing things...you know what I'm saying...this course will be all over your life!

Zoom is our online meeting room!

It's like Skype - but better if you ask me! You can download the Zoom app into your mobile from or join from the browser of your laptop. We use video (I love seeing you gorgeous women!) and sound - that said feel free to wear your yoga pants, I do! 

You will be provided with a specific link to join our meeting! Oh and the sessions will be recorded so if you cannot make it, you can watch the whole thing later in your online library! 

Ok yes I had some fun with the header so you might guess the answer :) So, I have no idea what all of your confidence blocks might be!

That said - you know what? When you sign up to work with me, there's an energetic charge. You're committed! And then, if you show up and do the work - YOU WILL GET RESULTS.

In the past year I've been doing this work I've seen how people get results ABOVE AND BEYOND of what they initially thought because they have an open mind and they show up like they mean business. After all, they are WANDER WOMEN FOR A REASON HEY?!

Please know I will do everything I can to support you to get where you want to be. My clients are my #1.

Yes you can...although if you sign up I'm preeeeeeeetty sure you'll love it! My refund rate today is 0%.

That said, your success is my success. If you're not feeling it...well, I can't change things for you.

That said, I'd like to hear your reasons for why you want refund. Not only will this help me to improve my work but also to understand my ideal clients better.

Finally, I trust you make an informed purchase decision. If you're not sure if this course is right for you / will solve your challenges, please contact me so we can talk. You can reach me via all social media channels or email at [email protected] 

No worries, drop me a note at [email protected] and I will come back to you lovely!


See what my previous clients had to say about their BIGGEST MINDSET SHIFTS they have experienced on my confidence group courses

  • To start to think more positive of myself, and that I’m capable of reaching my goals. Actions matter, and I have all the confidence to take actions. (Laura)

  • I’m the only one limiting myself and my growth. I can be so much more than I’m used to believing. (Linda)

  • Just breathe! Be confident as the authentic me. I don't have to try and be someone else. It is OK TO SAY NO. (Lorike)

  • That your thoughts really can turn into action & also the power of your mind. (Nina)

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