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Does this sound like you at the moment?

  • Your life is good - maybe you think there's nothing wrong with it...but you want something more.  
  • You might be feeling anxiety, stress or overwhelm. You know something must change but you're not sure what or where to start.
  • You might have tried a variety of things but so far, they've only gotten you some small changes and you're still kind of stuck in the same place. You have more or less the same (not helpful) thoughts every day.
  • Finally, you'd like to do something but you do recognise you have fear: perhaps you might wonder if it's too late or if you've got what it takes. 

Don't worry, this is normal - I've had the same thoughts myself. But you're bigger than you thoughts...!

Hello lovely,

I don't know what your life situation is but I believe everything happens for a, you're in the right place 💖

My mission in life is to be of service to others - mainly because I've realised something very important about life and now I want to help others to enjoy their lives too 🤩

I kind of accidentally stumbled on this beautiful profession of coaching and realised I'm actually pretty good at this stuff 😂(I've added some client feedback below so you can see for yourself.)

At the heart of my work is this simple idea: for you to change something outside of you, something inside of you must change. This said, your 'exam question' doesn't need to be grand (eg life purpose) rather you only need to be after a more fulfilling life, that's it. 

I don't know your truth but I'm very keen to be your companion on this journey to ask you questions and make you see things differently. I love combining deep thinking with super practical stuff so you can apply things in your life right away and see results. 

I'm here for your success 🥰

x Anna 💫

Do you know how POWERFUL you are?

So, maybe you're wondering if private coaching is for you?

Here's an idea for you on what my clients are typically pondering:

  • Clarity for work or life - uncertainty of direction, perhaps wanting to fully pivot (like I've done)
  • Confidence to step up eg at work or to look for new jobs and go to interviews etc - let's say 'put yourself out there'
  • Support to be successful in a new role that is typically a more demanding leadership role (don't want to make the same mistakes again)
  • Growing your business while living an enjoyable life (time management, working on & in your business, leading a team, communications...)

Sometimes we can solve things in a single session, sometimes we want to get our hands dirty for a few months - that said I like to deliver results fast, if you're ready! 

See below for more detail below on how the process works. 

Let my clients shine!

"Things happen for a reason - I totally believe that! Anna came into my life at the time that I needed someone to help me help myself. Not someone who will tell me what to do or what to think, because that is not Anna. There are no ready-made answers with her. Be ready to challenge yourself and your ways of thinking and doing. Be ready to redirect your thoughts and lose that negativity. Be ready to love yourself so that you can love someone else also. Be ready to ask the right questions!"

Anna Mari
Worked with Anna on a 8-week group confidence course

"I was a bit nervous at the start of the course but I knew this is what I want to do. Already during the first coaching call I got so many new things to think about and to work on that I was so convinced: this is what I need in my life at the moment. This 4-week course gave a lot but it was also hard work, I felt how I started to change. I also noticed how I had done some things the hardest way before! The coaching was so effective but you get more hungry as you eat so I'm glad I get to continue working with Anna."

Worked with Anna on a 4-week confidence group course

"I really enjoyed Anna's personal and respectful way of coaching, she has a deep understanding, and hunger to learn more every day, what type of tasks and/or thinking would be beneficial for the coachee. Also she knows so well how to motivate, inspire and empower you to feel good about yourself and kindly she directs you to listen to your own heart and the deep knowledge about yourself. I personally progressed with huge steps on my own path to become more confident, finding more clarity about my life and the coaching helped me to become a more loving, caring and supporting friend with myself. Thanks a million Anna!"

Worked with Anna on a 8-week group confidence course

"Anna is a superbly energetic and positive coach who has an incredible ability to transfer this positive energy and attitude onto others. I have felt so strong after each of our sessions, ready to take on whatever challenge. However, Anna doesn’t make it easy for me and asks questions that can be very challenging to answer. In our discussions there’s been several breakthrough moments when she has presented points of view that I didn’t imagine existed. She makes me work for my own benefit and I always have a feeling I am important. I’m glad I’ve done this process with her and it was a great investment into my own wellbeing."

Worked 1:1 with Anna to find clarity for her career

"When I started my coaching journey with Anna, I was desperately looking for something but I hadn't realized what. It felt like there was a curtain between me and what I craved for but I was afraid of opening the curtain as I was not sure what exactly was on the other side. Anna inspired me and helped me both focus on myself to find what I looked for and also helped me to step back and broaden my view. As a result I now know what my passion is and I'm working towards it. Thank you Anna for the inspiring coaching sessions, I really hope we can work together again!"

Worked 1:1 with Anna to find clarity into her life and career

"I started feeling a little bit lost, didn't have much motivation in my work, had too much different work, and was always tired and exhausted because I did not manage to do all the things I really wanted to do. I still have a lot to do, but Im focusing on being a better me and giving my best, I have plans for the future, I know where I wanna go, and what I need to do, I try to be more in charge over my own life. Im really exited about the future, and feel Im taking my brand and myself to a new level. I didn't see myself as a brand at all before. I'm more aware over the inputs I have in my life, what I read, who I spend time with, what makes me excited, what inspires me, how to schedule my week."

Worked 1:1 with Anna to find balance in her life

"First I thought that we just solve my career related question, but boy, how wrong was I? Anna's coaching sessions opened a whole new world to me, sure we’re solving my career path related questions but a lot more at other areas of life at the same time. It made me think in a bigger perspective, what kind of life I would like live and how my career would fit in there. The journey is still on, but I have a load of new tools now to help me handle sticky situations in the future (because those just are a part of the game). These coaching sessions gave me clarity and helped me to organize my thoughts. Anna gave me a spark to dream bigger and be bolder, but the most important lesson for me was to start act quicker before the second thought comes along and to act, even a little bit, when I don’t feel ’ready’ because you are never ready. I would warmly recommend Anna if you want boost your career path! Anna is such an energy ball as she describes herself but also warmhearted, encouraging, genuine and she really plays in your team and wants you to achieve your goals. And of course she will keep the eye on the horizon that you won’t get lost in the sea while having such an inspiring and fun (could you believe?) coaching sessions that you totally forget the time."

Worked 1:1 with Anna with next steps for her career

"Anna supported me during a big transition period in my life and like a great coach, she asked great questions instead of telling the ‘right’ answers. Anna has given me huge inspiration and confidence to explore a new chapter both in my career and life. Every interaction with her is been full of deep expertise, knowledge and kindness. Being mentored and coached by Anna has helped me to identify my strengths and capabilities, to be more confident in negotiation situations and give me direction when navigating through ambiguity."

Worked 1:1 with Anna to make a big career shift

Let's get personal 🤩

This is a 1:1 service so I want to ensure we're a match.

Fill in the below form with a short note what you need help with and we'll get on 30-minute online coffees.

This exploratory session is absolutely free and you don't commit to anything - I want to make sure this is right for the both of us.

I'll typically come back to you within the same day. 🥰

How this works in practise

  • We work online. All calls are done in Zoom (like Skype) and last for 60 minutes
  • I'll record the call and e-mail it to you after so you can tune into the detail 
  • During the call we'll discover things it would be great you'd do before our next call - homework if you like 😂
  • All my private clients also get to WhatsApp me between sessions if you feel like you need my support - my clients are my priority
  • Finally, you'll become part of the Wander Woman Community so it's not only you and me (ps. I'm always organising something fun!) 


  • Single session £150
  • 3 sessions £400 (10% discount)
  • 10 sessions £1,200 (20% discount)

Please note for the larger packages, I offer flexible payment through instalments. 

If there's anything more you'd like to know, please contact me. 

Your life is waiting for you 💖


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