The Wander Woman Sisterhood 

The place where women become the most courageous and confident version of themselves

Are you ready to leave your unfocused, insecure, even overwhelmed life behind and join a tribe of women who elevate your life to the next level?

Hello, I'm Anna and I'm so happy you're here!

I've created this special space for women to come together to work on themselves while being supported by me and other Wander Women.

The Sisterhood is a collective of women who are hungry for more: we are women keen to explore and unleash more of our potential while being surrounded by likeminded, bada** women.

If you recognise this sister in you...welcome home x


Let me ask you something...

Is your life is so busy you take barely any time to invest in yourself and your skills?

Do you sometimes feel uninspired, overwhelmed and even confused in your life? 

Do you feel like you could be doing better, even thriving, in your career and life overall? 


So, what would make a difference in your life? 


Ahhhh you know it would feel so good to be more in control over your life; constantly working on the next, more amazing version of you; and creating more opportunities for yourself while building meaningful connections to likeminded soul sisters.

But you might think it's too late. Or that it's too hard to even start (and from where?!). Or that the next level is just not available for you. Or perhaps there's never been a place like the Sisterhood to make all this happen?! #justsaying

You know what...I'm here to say ALL THIS IS POSSIBLE.

What you need is a space where you can learn, absorb and reflect with ease, tailored bite-sized content to shift your thinking & doing AND a fun environment to have meaningful conversations (and receiving the occasional cheer!)

You want to see how we can make this happen?!



Feeling inspired and excited on the regular

Learning new skills, gaining new paradigms, ideas and thoughts to unleash more of you

Having a safe space to ask your questions and work through any growth pains (personal development at its best!)

Gaining a tribe of women that resonates with what you're going through and holds you accountable

Feeling more courageous and confident in your own skin - you are enough the way you are x


 If this sounds good, then...



The building blocks for Sisterhood

The Sisterhood is built on Anna's 3C framework and everything in the Sisterhood follows these themes


Unleash the courage to THINK & DO bigger and different (your own way, boo). Courage to say NO, to be YOU (even if it's quirky!) and to make it work because of it, not despite it.


Gain the confidence in yourself (you CAN do it) and learn new skills so you know HOW to do it. The confidence to be yourself and care a flying EFFFF about what others think.


Being surrounded by likeminded women you can share with, learn from and who are always, ALWAYS happy for your success, no matter how small. #SHESGOTMYBACK


  • Monthly self-reflection work. A bite-sized personal development-oriented topic each month, delivered through your private online member portal via video and a workbook. Work on yourself whenever it's convenient for you.
  • Monthly live. One monthly Facebook live with Anna, guests and other Wander Women to learn, ask questions, boost that good feeling and have fun! These are interactive - this is all about answering your questions and working on YOUR stuff. 
  • Sisterhood lounge. Private Facebook group to connect with other AHmazing women; this is a safe space to ask, share, and learn from each other. #HEREFORTHEVIBES
  • Priority status as a Wander Woman. Priority access to other Wander Woman products and events. Be at the forefront of a growing tribe!

Is this your time to invest in your personal development?

The doors are now open for founding members to join this growing tribe of Wander Women

What sort of experience can you expect in the Sisterhood and with me?

A few examples how people experience working with me...oh and did I mention these ladies are pretty awesome, too?

"Anna is a superbly energetic and positive coach who has an incredible ability to transfer this positive energy and attitude onto others. I have felt so strong after each of our sessions, ready to take on whatever challenge. However, Anna doesn’t make it easy for me and asks questions that can be very challenging to answer. In our discussions there’s been several breakthrough moments when she has presented points of view that I didn’t imagine existed. She makes me work for my own benefit and I always have a feeling I am important."


"Anna has given me huge inspiration and confidence to explore a new chapter both in my career and life. Every interaction with her is been full of deep expertise, knowledge and kindness. Being mentored and coached by Anna has helped me to identify my strengths and capabilities, to be more confident in negotiation situations and give me direction when navigating through ambiguity."


" ... Anna's been the catalyst that my business needed to really move forward and has given me new energy and a love for what I do. Her direct, honest approach and availability to chat through any questions or concerns I have ... her pearls of wisdom and insights via social media make me feel like I am the cat with the cream – I now have a friend in my pocket who wants my business to grow equally as much as I do."


"Anna inspired me and helped me both focus on myself to find what I looked for and also helped me to step back and broaden my view. As a result I now know what my passion is and I'm working towards it."


"I started feeling a little bit lost, didn't have much motivation in my work, had too much different work, and was always tired and exhausted because I did not manage to do all the things I really wanted to do. I still have a lot to do, but I'm focusing on being a better me and giving my best, I have plans for the future, I know where I wanna go, and what I need to do, I try to be more in charge over my own life. I'm really excited about the future, and feel I'm taking my brand and myself to a new level."


Hey, lovely

Ah I'm so excited! I've wanted to create a community of likeminded women from the early days of my Wander Woman business and now, here we are!

The day I committed to my own personal development changed my life. So many of us work on external things without realising that when we do the inner work, it opens us a world of possibilities.

And I'd like to think I'm a great manifestation of what personal development can be at its best: I've moved countries 7 times, quit my job 3 times, 'made it' in a competitive field of management consulting in London city, traveled the world, all while enjoying my life and having a feeling there's a purpose behind all of this. 

That said, no one does it alone. When we go together, not only will we go farther but we will learn so much more (about ourselves and others). I'm also going to state the obvious: we are the average of five people around us so it really matters who's in our life.

I want to finish by saying that while all the above is cool for sure, the Sisterhood goes beyond big words (like empowerment...). I want this to be a place where we have real, honest conversations and gain practical skills we can put to test in our everyday lives. I like things simple and practical - and this is just that.

I hope you join us at this exciting time and I can't wait to be serving you inside.

Welcome home, sister.

X Anna

"I believe that in order to achieve anything in life you must work on yourself the most"

You know what?



Join us now at a Founding Member rate

Ok so have you ever seen personal development be this accessible?! For £37 a month (just over £1 a day!) you'll get the content, the support...and this gang of sisters. #priceless

Join at a founding member rate


charged each month

Monthly videos and workbook in your private member area, accessible 24/7

Monthly call with Anna, guests and other Wander Women

Private Facebook Group

Early access and special promotions to Wander Woman products & events

Let me in already!

Pay for 1 year and get 2 months for free!


paid in full

Monthly videos and workbook in your private member area, accessible 24/7

Monthly call with Anna, guests and other Wander Women

Private Facebook Group

Early access and special promotions to Wander Woman products & events

I'm so in!


Following Anna's framework of courage, confidence and connection

  • October: Create the MINDSET of your dream woman! Learn how  you can re-write your story. First live session gathers on Thu, October 17th 6pm BST.
  • November: Building your own SUCCESS HABITS and making you...more you!
  • December: become a NETWORKING ninja and learn how to INFLUENCE to get what you desire (yes you read that right!)



Welcoming Wander Women who are...

  • Bringing good vibes with them!
  • Ambitious and want reach their goals in life
  • Can hold a mirror against themselves and practise some real honesty
  • Keen to learn and grow as women
  • Want to connect with likeminded women and cheer them on
  • Are fun-loving, glass half-full, let's do this stuff kind of women :)

Got questions?

We've got answers!

The Sisterhood is based on a subscription model. What this means is that you pay a flat monthly rate. 

Please note we don't do refunds however you can cancel your subscription anytime. 

The Sisterhood always makes sense!

The courses and programs we offer are all aligned with the Sisterhood PLUS here you get the tribe to hang out with!

No worries, drop us a note at [email protected] and we will come back to you.


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