The Sister Circle is currently closed...

But worry not! There will be another chance to sign up, sometimes later in the fall. If you want to be amongst the first ones to know, please pop your email below and I'll email you when the Circle is open again!

Can I take your gorgeous being somewhere for a moment...?

Place your right palm on your heart and feel this...

  • What if you felt more confident & safe in your own being and trusted yourself a whole lot more?
  • What if you had an increased feeling of power over your emotions and thoughts and could feel you can guide your own life?
  • What if you could start to expand beyond your comfort zone...and that it was easier than you thought?
  • What if you could have a positive impact to the people around you, and you could lead your family, teams, communities and businesses with success?

If you showed up as the highest version of you... 

What could you achieve?
Who would benefit?

Let's do this, shall we?

The Sisterhood is a very special place in 2020 as a stepping stone for future female leaders 

I've created this safe space for us women so that you can achieve the following:  

  • Learn to lead yourself - understand what it really means to take full responsibility over your life (eg you can in charge of yourself, you're not a computer!) and how you can always improve your life by taking little steps. 
  • Feel more fulfilment in life because of congruency of emotion, thought, action and result. Have more purpose in life because you can see the bigger picture.
  • Be more confident in your own skin and work in a way that gets you in the flow - it's time to ditch the patriarchal way of working
  • Start seeing yourself as a leader - this is not a title, it's a lifestyle - and start to feel, think, speak and act like a leader
  • Create an even more positive impact in your own life and let the ripple effect extend beyond you to your family, friends, work and other places. 

The Sisterhood is the world's only online hub for future female leaders where we work on ourselves so that we can claim our personal power and start impacting others through being authentically ourselves.

Your role in the Sisterhood

Be MORE you

Show up committed - and show up as the real you. This is all about benefitting from your strengths and finding what works for you. When you're the best version of you, then the solutions you come up with are also authentic to you. We'll hold the contrasting mirror to you. 

Challenge of the self

I believe to fully claim your power is to acknowledge that you ARE in charge of how you think, feel, speak and act (and there's always room for improvement). Here you can grow in a safe environment and we expect you to jump outside your comfort zone with enthusiasm.

Ready to expand

We are lifelong learners and never claim to know it all. Sisters are committed to always be learning, studying, growing - as human beings and as women. Here the learning is done in a fun, communal way that makes the learning curve steeper. Talk about inspirational environment!


What is included in the Sisterhood coaching membership each month

Please note we encourage you to join for a minimum of 3 months to get the most out of your experience. And can stay for as long as you want...I'm here to stay and serve you! 🌱

⭕️One 90-minute Sister Circle in Zoom. The best part! A monthly call where there will be a mix of teaching, reflection, and fun and flowy conversations! When the Sisters get together, magic happens! As the Sisterhood grows, I will give you two call dates per month to choose from, just to keep things personal. 

♥️Our own & private Facebook Group. The Zoom calls extend to our space: we share feelings and other inspiration with regards to our monthly topics (and other interesting stuff). Here I have the opportunity to answer your questions and provide you with support. We are in this together.

📕One juicy personal development topic. Every month there's a new topic - read more about the curriculum below! You have access to your own personal online library where you'll get a video or two plus journaling prompts to do your deeper, inner work whenever it suits you. This is when personal development gets personal if you know what I mean!

🔝Priority status as a Wander Woman. Wander Woman is a quickly growing tribe and you'll get priority access to all things Wander Woman. *NEW!* As my business grows I have an amazing opportunity to bring you even more value and what you'll see in Spring 2020 is guest teachers to blow your mind even more!

⭕️ See the Sister feels from our March Circle ⭕️

🙏My vision for the Sisterhood 🙏

To be seen and feel safe is one of the single most important aspects of our wellbeing - and we all know how fundamental meaningful connections are for a joyous life.

In the Sisterhood, you are accepted as you are - there's nothing to fix. We feel, think and speak differently...and we respect each other for that. Here, we celebrate you being more you.

Each Sister is held in my mind & heart to enable you to expand into your personal greatness and become a true leader.

The world needs you.

x Anna 

Sisterhood learning curriculum April - June 2020

April: Build resiliency

➡️ How to keep positive in a turbulent environment
➡️ Build your resiliency to operate in discomfort

May: Consistently add value

➡️ How do you always bring the most value to the table
➡️ Expand your comfort zone and keep yourself relevant

June: Work with your ego

➡️ What is ego and how to best collaborate with it
➡️ Unleash your natural source of confidence


What sort of experience can you expect in the Sisterhood and with me?

A few beautiful words from my lovely clients

"Anna is a superbly energetic and positive coach who has an incredible ability to transfer this positive energy and attitude onto others. I have felt so strong after each of our sessions, ready to take on whatever challenge. However, Anna doesn’t make it easy for me and asks questions that can be very challenging to answer. In our discussions there’s been several breakthrough moments when she has presented points of view that I didn’t imagine existed. She makes me work for my own benefit and I always have a feeling I am important."


"Anna has given me huge inspiration and confidence to explore a new chapter both in my career and life. Every interaction with her is been full of deep expertise, knowledge and kindness. Being mentored and coached by Anna has helped me to identify my strengths and capabilities, to be more confident in negotiation situations and give me direction when navigating through ambiguity."


" ... Anna's been the catalyst that my business needed to really move forward and has given me new energy and a love for what I do. Her direct, honest approach and availability to chat through any questions or concerns I have ... her pearls of wisdom and insights via social media make me feel like I am the cat with the cream – I now have a friend in my pocket who wants my business to grow equally as much as I do."


"Anna inspired me and helped me both focus on myself to find what I looked for and also helped me to step back and broaden my view. As a result I now know what my passion is and I'm working towards it."


"I started feeling a little bit lost, didn't have much motivation in my work, had too much different work, and was always tired and exhausted because I did not manage to do all the things I really wanted to do. I still have a lot to do, but I'm focusing on being a better me and giving my best, I have plans for the future, I know where I wanna go, and what I need to do, I try to be more in charge over my own life. I'm really excited about the future, and feel I'm taking my brand and myself to a new level."



The world needs us, female leaders, now. 

Have you ever thought what "be the change you want to see" really means? In my opinion, it's a critical time now for us women to claim our personal power and start to take full responsibility over our own lives so that we can step up for greater good. 

I know what you're, a leader?

When you work on yourself and start to show up as the real you, doing the work that matters to you, you will attract people. A leader position is not taken, it is deserved. 

Our world is in a desperate need of women who take positive action, step up and show up. I ask you to be that woman. 

I'm so excited about the Sisterhood, this exclusive community of future female leaders, and I can't wait for you to step inside. I'll bring you the support, guidance and tools. You bring yourself, your hunger and your commitment. 

If you don't change, nothing changes. Let's be the change we wish to see together. 

You've got this. I'll see you inside. 

X Anna

Welcome to the Sisterhood! 👯‍♀️

The world's ONLY online hub for Wander Women

Just over £1 a day!


For minimum of 3 months please. Charged each month unless you cancel.

🎁Monthly Zoom call & coaching with the gorgeous Tribe

🎁Monthly video & journaling on various personal development topics

🎁Our private Facebook Group to connect with awesome women

🎁Wander Woman status for more goodness - you're a Sister for life!

Sorry the Circle is closed...

Your first Sister BONUS!

You read that right - this is your little gift when you join 💖

Do you have a hard time setting boundaries or saying no? 

You're not alone. Many of us want to say yes, all the time. Some of us are people pleasers. And many...we just don't want to upset people. I'm sure you know what I'm saying.

When you sign up you'll get my short video and journaling exercise to help you establish better boundaries and practise your way of saying no (hint: you might not actually need to say the word at all...!).

Value of your bonus: how would it feel to say 'no' like a queen 🤩


Is this right for me?

The Sisterhood is just for you if...

  • You're a positive, ambitious go-getter who wants to make most of life
  • You have goals in life and you recognise that you need to work on yourself to make them happen (inner work turns to outer success!)
  • You're open to grow as a woman and as a human, too!
  • If you're an aspiring leader, you're looking to positively impact people around you and have a great tool box of influencing skills that work from your family to your work
  • If you're a leader, you're looking to deepen your leadership skills and to be more in alignment with yourself


Got questions?

I've got answers!

Ok, so each month you'll get a few videos and some journaling prompts for self-reflection - this will take approx 60 minutes.

On top of this we have our 90-minute Zoom call each month. 

That's about three hours a month...however, I hope you start taking your insights and applying them in your life so that Sisterhood is somehow involved in your day to day!

The call is the BEST part of Sisterhood if you ask me so I hope you make your best effort to join it! 

So, once a month we get together via Zoom. Zoom is like Skype if that rhymes with you better and since I love seeing you all, we do both video and sound. Yoga pants are cool, but optional :) 

The call is your time which means that I'm happy to expand on the month's topic and we'll dive deep into the challenges you are facing in your daily life. I always say: you are unique but your problems are not, therefore voicing these in the calls often raise a very lively conversation. 

The day and time for the call varies and starting from April, there are two options for you to join the call - so that you have more flexibility and so that we keep the calls intimate and I can support you the best I can. Finally, please note I'm based in London and most of the audience is in Europe so at this time we will be hosting the calls around evening times GMT. 

The recording of each call can also be found in your online library if you missed it or want a replay.

Hey, neither am I!

But...the Wander Woman is everywhere and she is everyone. I've made the decision to teach and have all my materials in English to give my global Wander Woman the best possible access. 

And if nothing else...this is a safe space for you to practise your English language skills! I remember when I started and I was so worried about my language I made a GAZILLION mistakes. I know how you feel and I also know IT WILL GET BETTER.

In Sisterhood, there's no perfection. We appreciate practise and going to the unknown.

I've built the Sisterhood on the idea that personal development becomes part of your lifestyle - a habit.

Therefore, the longer you stay, the more you will absorb and learn of this invaluable habit. I would ask you to join for a 3-month minimum, that said I do respect that personal circumstances change so the membership can be cancelled anytime (by you). 

Finally, the curriculum changes each month and builds up throughout the year so there's always more for you to learn!

Now is always the best time if you ask me!

Before I answer you this, let me ask you...what if you said to yourself: developing myself is not a priority for me. How would that make you feel? If you're ok with the answer being no, it's not a priority, and you decide not to join, I'm ok with that.

When we close the doors we don't know when they re-open so if you wish to join, now really is your chance!

The investment is £37 a month and it will be charged from your account on the same day you made the initial payment, each month. 

You can cancel your membership anytime however I'd wish you stay 3 months minimum to give you an opportunity to learn. 

The Sisterhood always makes sense!

The Sisterhood is a complimentary product to all the other Wander Woman products - meaning there is always value in the Sisterhood. Oh and clearly, in the Sisterhood you get the tribe to hang out with! 

No worries, drop me a note at [email protected] and I will come back to you as soon as I can, typically within one day. 


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