The Wander Woman Sisterhood coaching membership 2020

Claim your personal power, start leading your life and positively impact others

Can I take you somewhere for a moment...?

Tune into yourself and feel this...

  • What if you felt more confident in your own skin and trusted yourself and your skills more?
  • What if you could lead yourself and had true personal power over your emotions, thoughts - and life?
  • What if you could have a positive impact towards the people around you and could lead your family, teams, communities and businesses with success?

If you showed up as the highest version of you... 

What could you achieve?
Who would benefit?



Anything is possible for you.

The thing is, you have everything in you already. 

You only need the right tools, some guidance and a supportive environment.

So you can trust yourself more and so step up for yourself - and for others, too.

There's never been a time like this - the world needs you NOW. 

It's up to you to finally claim your personal power - for you, me, for all of us. You are meant to be a leader.


The Sisterhood is a very special place in 2020 as a stepping stone for future female leaders 

I've created this safe space for us women so that you can achieve the following:  

  • Learn to lead yourself - understand what it really means to take full responsibility over your life (eg you can in charge of yourself, you're not a computer!) and how you can always improve your life. 
  • Feel more fulfilment in life because of congruency of emotion, thought, action and result. Have more purpose in life because you can see the bigger picture.
  • Become more confident in yourself and work in a way that gets you in the flow - time to say good bye to patriarchal ways of working - it's great being a woman!
  • Start seeing yourself as a leader - of a small community or a business, it doesn't matter - and start to think, speak and act like a leader. Learn basic tools to lead people.
  • Begin to create a positive impact in your own life and let the ripple effect extend beyond you to your family, friends, work and other places. 

The Sisterhood is the world's only online hub for future female leaders where we work on ourselves so that we can claim our personal power and start leading others in a way that is authentic to us.

Your role in Sisterhood

Be you

Show up committed - and show up as the real you. It's all about benefitting from your strengths and finding what works for you. When you're the best version of you, only then can you experience flow and from there it all falls into place.

Challenge yourself

Ready to challenge yourself? To fully claim your power is to acknowledge that you are in charge of how you think, feel and act. You can learn and reflect in a safe environment but you must be willing to step outside your comfort zone.

Hungry to learn

Change and growth can feel hard but the Sisterhood gives you things to work on in a consistent, bite-size way so really the only thing you need, is to be committed to your personal growth. Other Sisters give you a motivational boost.

What is included in your coaching membership each and every month

  • One 90-minute Zoom call. A monthly call where there will be a mix of teaching, reflection, and engaging conversations! Think about this as your regular monthly coaching call so you keep learning and get your burning questions answered (plus you'll meet other amazing women!).
  • Our own & private Facebook Group. The Sisterhood is a very special place so it receives special attention: the Facebook Group is a place for conversations, for meeting other women, asking questions...and for all those EXTRA trainings and content flowing your way!
  • One juicy personal development topic. Every month there's a new topic: you'll get a video and a workbook to reflect and work on your own personal development. You can do this work anytime. Think about this as spending a few hours a month on yourself - feels good, right?!
  • Priority status as a Wander Woman. Wander Woman is a growing tribe and you'll get priority access to all things Wander Woman. Be at the forefront of a growing tribe who is set to change this world.


My vision for the Sisterhood is to help you lead your own life so that you can start leading others - be that teams, businesses, communities, or your family. 

Wander Woman works with future female leaders. You are one of them.

This world will only change if we are the change we wish to see. If you ever dreamed about creating change...well, this is your way.

x Anna 

Doors will close in...

This club is for those women who can make decisions. Once we get going, the doors close and will stay shut for an unspecified time.









The FIRST 2020 Sister Circle is taking place Tue 28 Jan 6pm GMT

Get ready to work on your growth mindset for leadership!


These topics will help you not to only start leading yourself but also start to think, speak and act like a leader.

Positive self-talk & affirmations

Working with emotions - from fear to love

Confidence in yourself & your skills

Managing conflict

Building a network through influencing & persuasion

Working efficiently with different personality types & men














Feminine energy in leadership

Speaking up & presentations

Effective communications

Money mindset

Managing yourself & managing others

Growth and spirituality for leadership

What sort of experience can you expect in the Sisterhood and with me?

A few beautiful words from my lovely clients

"Anna is a superbly energetic and positive coach who has an incredible ability to transfer this positive energy and attitude onto others. I have felt so strong after each of our sessions, ready to take on whatever challenge. However, Anna doesn’t make it easy for me and asks questions that can be very challenging to answer. In our discussions there’s been several breakthrough moments when she has presented points of view that I didn’t imagine existed. She makes me work for my own benefit and I always have a feeling I am important."


"Anna has given me huge inspiration and confidence to explore a new chapter both in my career and life. Every interaction with her is been full of deep expertise, knowledge and kindness. Being mentored and coached by Anna has helped me to identify my strengths and capabilities, to be more confident in negotiation situations and give me direction when navigating through ambiguity."


" ... Anna's been the catalyst that my business needed to really move forward and has given me new energy and a love for what I do. Her direct, honest approach and availability to chat through any questions or concerns I have ... her pearls of wisdom and insights via social media make me feel like I am the cat with the cream – I now have a friend in my pocket who wants my business to grow equally as much as I do."


"Anna inspired me and helped me both focus on myself to find what I looked for and also helped me to step back and broaden my view. As a result I now know what my passion is and I'm working towards it."


"I started feeling a little bit lost, didn't have much motivation in my work, had too much different work, and was always tired and exhausted because I did not manage to do all the things I really wanted to do. I still have a lot to do, but I'm focusing on being a better me and giving my best, I have plans for the future, I know where I wanna go, and what I need to do, I try to be more in charge over my own life. I'm really excited about the future, and feel I'm taking my brand and myself to a new level."



The world needs us, female leaders, now. 

Have you ever thought what "be the change you want to see" really means?

In my opinion, it's a critical time now for us women to claim our personal power and start to take full responsibility over our own lives so that we can step up for greater good. 

I know what you're, a leader?

When you work on yourself and start to show up as the real you, doing the work that matters to you, you will attract people. A leader position is not taken, it is deserved. 

Our world is in a desperate need of women who take positive action, step up and show up. 

I ask you to be that woman. 

I'm so excited about the Sisterhood, this exclusive community of future female leaders, and I can't wait for you to step inside. 

I'll bring you the support, guidance and tools. You bring yourself, your hunger and your commitment. 

If you don't change, nothing changes. Let's be the change we wish to see together. 

You've got this. I'll see you inside. 

X Anna

Your options to become a Sister!

It won't get more accessible than this. Nearly personal coaching with less than £37 per hour.

Just over £1 a day!


charged each month, cancel anytime

Monthly Zoom call & coaching

Monthly workbook on various personal development topics

Access to Anna and a tribe of Wander Women through our private FB Group

Wander Woman status for more goodness


This is me!

Normally £222!


paid in full for 6 months, no refunds

Join the Sisterhood for Jan - June 2020 for 10% off! 

All benefits as in the flat monthly payment - you'll just enjoy a complimentary 10% off! 

(FYI this doesn't automatically renew but you have the option to extend once your membership ends in June 2020)

I'm so in!

Is this right for me?

The Sisterhood is just for you if...

  • You're a positive, ambitious go-getter who wants to make most of life
  • You have goals in life and you recognise that you need to work on yourself to make them happen (inner work turns to outer success!)
  • You're open to grow as a woman and as a human, too!
  • If you're an aspiring leader, you're looking to positively impact people around you and have a great tool box of influencing skills that work from your family to your work
  • If you're a leader, you're looking to deepen your leadership skills and to be more in alignment with yourself


Got questions?

We've got answers!

If you select the monthly payment option, you will be charged the same amount each month, unless you cancel your subscription. You can cancel anytime. The payment takes place on the same day as when you made the initial payment. 

If you pay the 6 month discounted fee, that will give you six months inside the Sisterhood after you have the option to continue - you will be emailed about this separately. Please note while this is in general a no refund option, if you're not happy let me know and I'll do what I can to fix it! 

The Sisterhood always makes sense!

The Sisterhood is a complimentary product to all the other Wander Woman products - meaning there is always value in the Sisterhood. Oh and clearly, in the Sisterhood you get the tribe to hang out with! 

No worries, drop us a note at [email protected] and we will come back to you.


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