15 journaling prompts to reflect on year 2020

journaling Dec 15, 2020


Ok so I'm huuuuge on journaling and I journal nearly every day.

This past week I hosted a meditation + journaling session with my clients to reflect on the year 2020 and I prepared a 15 prompts for this session.

Now I wanted to share these prompts with you in case you'd like to do some reflection, too! Let's go...

xo Anna


What are you the most grateful for?

What's your biggest a-ha moment this year?

What was the most fun this year? Describe in detail!

What's that one experience this year that made you FEEL BIG TIME? Explain this experience like it would be happening again.

Who is the most (just one!) significant person in your life this year? Why?

From whom did you learn your biggest lesson this year and what was it? (Remember this can be the most annoying person ever!)

Did you change any opinions this year? Did you go from 'white to black' in some topic? Did a value of yours shift? What was this change and why do you think this shift was enabled to take place?

What's the best new habit you picked up this year? Why? Was it easy to take on? (Describe your 'onboarding process' so you can repeat it!)

What book / article / movie / reading made an impact on you? What was this impact?

Did anything happen in your environment (work, hobby, home) that made a change in your wellbeing? Why do you think this is?

Compared to the beginning of the year, how has your self-image changed? How do you think you're different now vs. January 2020?

What's one part of your self you have started to appreciate more this year?

What in your life feels like a FAILURE / mistake at the moment? Why?

What in your life feels like a SUCCESS at the moment? Why?

If you could remember only ONE THING from 2020, what would it be?

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