Great energy is the source of happiness!

(Published originally in Jan 2019)

Last week I shared my 2019 goals on social media with my number one goal being:


It's not by mistake this is at the top of my list. This is actually always at the top of my list! And when it comes to my values, my number one value is wellbeing. Wellbeing, energy, health,'s all too important to ignore to live a fulfilled life.

And if great energy is not your priority, you might want to reconsider that for these three simple reasons:

1. Great energy is the starting point for...well, everything

We need energy to do anything. To do something great requires great energy. (On the contrary, think if you bring bad/low energy into a situation or a relationship, how can anything peak?)

Walking on the busy morning streets in London I see many faces and bodies who are not full of life, energy or enthusiasm. Far from it. I often think how can we make anything great happen if we don't bring great energy into it? How we show up in this world is so important... I always like to remind myself that how we do anything is how we do everything. Even when we walk on the street and are not feeling it.

We need great energy in particular when:

  • We're trying to learn anything new
  • We're trying to do something great
  • We're trying to do things differently
If we have great energy, I believe we can do anything!

2. Great energy unlocks our potential

There's a bigger and more significant alignment between our mind and body than many of us would like to admit. Many busy professionals are more focused what is going on neck up, however, we know from research that our brain waves and heart rate are connected. I like to think about this as if the mind and body are not aligned, they cancel each other.

As a Reiki energy healer I know that the Ki (Reiki) stands for non-physical energy which flows in everything. To unlock this fullest expression of energy, it requires going deep into my body and not just staying in my head. In my body is where a lot of potential lies. As I practice Reiki energy and make my Ki high, I feel strong and confident, ready to enjoy life and take on its challenges.

Great energy helps us shift our thinking and increases our options. We make better decisions, have better relations with others and gain the feeling we live in alignment, not only with ourselves but with others, too.

This is to say that when we operate from our greatest energy through our whole being, we are really unlocking the vast potential we have within ourselves.

Don't you think great energy should be a prerequisite for a great leader?

3. Great energy enables us to have more fun in our lives

When's the last time you climbed a mountain? Rode a bike across Golden Gate bridge? Did skiing for the whole day and took the path less known (like me in the bones were broken in the process!)? Outrun your kids?

Let's be honest, great energy enables us to have more fun in life. And I never heard anyone say they wish they'd have less fun in life!

Great energy => better emotions => better experiences => A HAPPY LIFE

x Anna

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