To achieve something different, you need to be different

(Published originally in Feb 2019)

As I transitioned from my management consultant role to become an entrepreneur, my goal was pretty clear: to create a successful, thriving business (ok, I’m still only a few steps into this journey but that’s another story).

What I noticed very soon after starting this new chapter was that this clear goal alone was not going to get me there.

Neither was willpower.

I was trying to push through some sort of resistance but without any proper tools.

But then I realised.

The entire Anna was not showing up. My subconscious mind was not in the same boat with me.

This aha-moment led me down of the path of brain research, neuropsychology and neuroplasticity in particular.

Do you know it is actually possible to re-wire our brain i.e. change anything we want within ourselves?

Do you also know that about 95-97% of what is going on in our brain happens at subconscious level, at a level we are less aware of and that is harder to control?

I decided to start doing work with my subconscious mind to re-wire it for success and so far, this is what I’ve found out:

1. If you don’t align your subconscious beliefs with your goals, you’re not going to make it

As said, just writing down goals is not enough as a single exercise. If your subconscious mind is not supportive of the change, and you're only aligned at the conscious level, the change will require too much willpower and you’re not likely to succeed.

Remember, your brain is only interested in keeping you safe and using as little energy as possible which further weakens any attempt of change. The subconscious mind is also lightning fast, meaning that if there is a conflict with your conscious mind, the subconscious one will always override it.

Our beliefs, habits, instincts and emotions reside at the subconscious level and this is where the real change needs to happen. The first step is to be really honest to yourself what your current beliefs are, so you know what you need to change.

2. Working on the brain is like exercise – you need to be on it at all times

According to research, developing new circuits (essentially new habits and behaviours) takes anything between 65 to 365 days. It requires consistent work and several different practices to build these new connections and pathways.

It’s like exercise: if you want a six-pack, you need to be crunching those muscles on a regular basis.

It’s recommended to ‘stack’ these brain exercises, and I have built a morning and evening routine of practical yet effective practises. My favourites so far are gratitude practice, different visualisation practises, awareness, relaxation, and focus.

3. Changing habits is hard work!

We all have some deep-rooted habits that might go unnoticed. On top of that most of our time we run on autopilot so no surprise change can be overbearing.

The first step is to catch yourself and be aware of what is going on in the minutiae of the day. 

Once you are bluntly honest about the content of your days and how you spend your time, you can see what needs to be changed.

And when you become aware, you have another really powerful tool: action. Our subconscious mind is lazy, so we need to make sure we keep introducing action at all times in all of the areas of our lives. I love Mel Robbins five second rule: when you have an idea, do something about it in 5 seconds, before your subconscious mind gets you. So effective.

The key is to master moments first which then accumulates to days, weeks and months.

Really, if you want to achieve something different, you need to be different. From the inside out.

I’m so passionate about this topic, constantly learning more and helping others to achieve their wildest dreams with tools and techniques I’ve used and incorporated as a part of my daily life.

I hope you got some inspiration from the above, too and I’d love to know if you have more tips and tools!

Oh and yes, when did you last exercise your brain?


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