Where did I get the idea to write a book and how did it all happen?

personal wander woman Apr 30, 2019

(Published originally in Nov 2018, slightly edited since)

I’m over the moon to share the news that my book –The Wander Woman’s Playbook – is finally out and available for purchase in Amazon.

Where did I get the idea for the book?

Safe to say, I’ve come a long way to make it to where I stand today. It has been hard work, giving up things, winning and losing, tears, and some serious fun. Writing this book has given me a chance to step back, take stock and distill my experiences into a jar of insight I wish I owned 15 years ago.

The idea for the book emerged when I started listening to people around me in a really deep and active way. You see, over the years, I’ve been approached by handfuls of amazing humans asking me questions of very similar nature, many wearing the same puzzled expressions on their faces.

I’ve witnessed many hopeful souls dreaming large but not sure where to start. These conversations have been invaluable and made me notice something about myself: I had useful insights and valuable things to say, based on the experiences I’ve gathered.

Then I went to Bali and things changed…

In May 2018, I found myself in Bali on one of my immersion excursions, learning about the secrets of handstands.

Without much thought, I had brought a pile of my old notebooks with me, and while browsing these over my afternoon chai, I realised my excessive (and sometimes obsessive) note-taking, reading, studying, and overall curiosity was presenting me with a tremendous opportunity right in front of me.

Before I was aware I had the insight, but now I started thinking I really wanted to share this insight with others! I took my laptop and started to write my thoughts down. I was open to explore where it would lead me…and here I am now, about to publish a book! The process has been cleansing, rejuvenating, and renewing – all at once.

Now, it feels amazing (and scary!) to share my thoughts with others!

I’ve poured my heart and soul into this book.

I’ve tried to be as transparent and honest as I possibly can, sharing my winning moments and the moments I wish to never re-live. These are my lessons learned and things that bring me joy – thoughts and insights I wish I knew when I was a young girl.

While I’m aware I have something unique in me, and the amount of passion and dedication I have is enormous,

I also have absolute certainty that whatever I’ve got is available to everyone else as well. What I’ve done, you can do, too.

I don’t think I’m special in any way – I have just worked very hard for everything I have today. We all have the gigantic, magical opportunity to achieve our wildest dreams (we only need to know what they are!). I believe it’s never too late, and you will never get lost if you follow your heart.

Thank you for your continued support on my journey – and do get your own copy to find out more... :)

Good vibes only


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